[WotD] Chapter One - A Rock and a Hard Place

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Eryndir exits the watchtower, cradling the gold in his hands. "The quartermaster is paying more than market price for steel. You can double your money by trading in weapons here. And he's willing to pay even more for anything else we bring back."

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Able snorts to himself. Putting a weapon in the hand of someone that plans to mug you doesn't make much sense. The people at this watchtower have left a bad impression. Becoming rich in this manner doesn't offer much interest to him.

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Eryndir gathers his gear and slings it across his back and turns to the others.

"If the choice is ours, and it seems to be, I would not see us provide aid to those here at the Watchtower. What if we make our way back to Hatepshon and find the cave?"


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