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Summonables: Summon Monster II

One of the hardest things about using summon monster spells if you're a new player or DM (or even if you're experienced) is that you have to apply templates to most of the creatures you can summon with these spells. And if your character has the Augment Summoning feat, then you also have to recalculate anything in the creature's stat block that has to do with Strength or Constitution.

Summonables: Summon Nature's Ally I

Like summon monster, the summon nature's ally spell chain is tricky to use because it summons a wide variety of different beasts that may need to be modified if the caster possesses the the Augment Summoning feat from the Core Rules.

Summonables: Summon Monster I

The summon monster spell chain is useful, but it's challenging to players and Dungeon Masters alike because it summons a lot of different creatures, applying the celestial or fiendish templates many of them. The Augment Summoning feat from the Core Rules additionally modifies the summoned creature's Strength and Constitution scores, which changes its hit points, Fortitude save, and usually its grapple modifier, attack and damage modifiers, and skill check modifiers as well.

Races of Tolrea

Tolrea is home to over three dozen races of sentient being, although many of them are rare. This figure includes a variety of races which, in a traditional Dungeons and Dragons setting, might otherwise be considered "monster" races.

Aaaaaaand we're back!

After a pretty significant hiatus, I and many of the heavy-hitters are back at The D&D Archive. Many of the old games have been necromancied from their graves and everyone seems to be having a good time getting back into the swing of things. I do still miss some of the old guard, like Didge and Bart and Board Rider, but I'm excited about picking up where we left off and a return to writing as part of a hobby I'd forgotten how much I loved.

Races of Destiny

After finding myself pleasantly surprised by Races of Stone, I was quite hopeful that this book would offer a similar treatment of humans, half-orcs and half-elves. Boy, was I wrong!

Like Races of Stone, this book divides the ‘Races of Destiny’ into three chapters.

Races of Stone

It might be surprising that I waited so long to acquire this book.  After all, I love dwarves.  As a race they exhibit tremendous heroism yet remain deeply flawed.  Back in the days of 1st edition it was clear that dwarves lived *ON* the mountains more than *IN* the mountains.  Their homes were close to the surface, and full of natural light.  Over succeeding revisions, dwarves have moved deeper and deeper underground and come to resemble their Duergar cousins more and more in behavior and outlook.  So I was reluctant to purchase this book – I was afraid I would get nothing but ‘

More Tolrea

It's been awhile since the last major expansion to the Tolrea setting, but I haven't forgotten about it. Now that the website has been ported over to a shiny new content management system, my next big project here will be to put together the release of a new region in the setting. Without giving away too many details, I'll say that it's another undead-heavy region, but that it'll differ from the Kingdom of Enteria in a number of ways. I think that despite the shared reliance on undead creatures, most players and DMs will find the new region very distinctive.

I5 Lost Tomb of Martek (TSR 1983)

By Tracy Hickman

AD&D adventure for characters levels 7-9

One thousand years ago, the wizard Martek knew that you would come to find his Sphere of Power. Now, one of his glowing Star Gems shows you the way. The starlight, reflected in the glass beneath you, flickers peacefully.

Martek's prophesy spoke of heroes, tests and dangers. Are you the heroes? What are the tests? What dangers and riches lie ahead?

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