Preservers of the Glades

This ancient sect of the Mereflow Valley is tied to the church of Leroe, but its members also revere the spirits of trees and other plants, and maintain sacred glades throughout the Tallwood. Mintinarn Ceretheliaul, the founder of the Cleansing Flame, was originally a member of this sect, and many of the older Preservers of the Glades consider his sect heretical. The archdruid of the Preservers, Winilastrae (NG female elf drd 12), focuses her efforts on the sect’s traditional duties—maintaining the defenses of the Tallwood’s borders against incursions perpetrated by evil-intending and unnatural monsters. The membership of the sect numbers over three dozen, most of whom spend the bulk of their time on patrol in the western and northern borders of the forest, where marauding orcs and goblinoids and the occasional hunting dragon are a threat.

Preservers of the Glades may be chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, neutral, or neutral good in alignment. Most are elves, but membership in the sect is open to any race.