Daughters of the Efreeti

This order of druidic nuns spends most of its time wrapped in contemplation of the beauty of fire, but from time to time they dispatch their most dedicated and capable sisters on missions to eradicate or contain the encroachment of cold-based entities of all sorts. When an over-large pack of winter wolves takes up residence in the mountains surrounding a busy pass, or an especially cold winter opens a portal to the Spirit World that unleashes an infestation of ice mephits in a normally temperate area, the sisters at Tar Viwa leave their seclusion in the plains of the central Aureshan Empire to give battle.

The Daughters inhabit only a single convent, within the walls of which they do not allow men. Their current abbess, Revered Mother Carmela Therm (LN female half-elf druid 18/monk 2) is now nearly 150 years old, and relies heavily on Prioress-Martial Ellen Wuiller (LN female human druid 12/monk 4) and Prioress-Contemplative Bethoni Verj (LN female dwarf druid 14/monk 2) for aid as she guides her order’s activities. The two prioresses are likely competitors for the Reverend Mother’s position when old age finally claims her, but work in concert with their superior and each other to ensure that Tar Viwa operates smoothly and continues to pursue its endless war against the forces of winter.

Because the Daughters are a cloistered order whose members seldom leave their convent except to hunt down and eradicate monsters associated with the powers of winter, they generally are not recognized among the general public of the Empire; most who are aware of their existence at all think of them in terms of the dance-procession which streams through the plains surrounding Tar Viwa on midsummer night, tracing a path of fire and light through the gloom. The Inferno Dance, as the nuns call it, is a ritual spell granting an effect similar to contact other plane for the leader of the procession, with less chance for the spell to fail. In this yearly ritual, the procession of nuns communes with a powerful efreeti which inhabits the Spirit Plane near Tar Viwa, receiving guidance about possible goals and challenges for the coming year.

Membership in the Daughters of the Efreeti is open to any Lawful Neutral female druid, regardless of race.