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Races of Destiny

After finding myself pleasantly surprised by Races of Stone, I was quite hopeful that this book would offer a similar treatment of humans, half-orcs and half-elves. Boy, was I wrong!

Like Races of Stone, this book divides the ‘Races of Destiny’ into three chapters.

Barrow of the Forgotten King


Barrow of the Forgotten King

Author: Ed Stark

The Apocalypse Stone

[b]By Jason Carl and Chris Pramas [/b]
[b]D&D 2.0 edition for 4-6 characters of 15th level and above[/b]

[i]The end times approach…
To everything there is a season. Every campaign has to come to an end sometime, so why not go out with a bang? The Apocalypse Stone is an epic adventure to challenge high-level characters, but beware—it will destroy your world![/i]

The adventure is 96 pages long, cover price of $16.95 American.

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