Folklore holds that death by treachery, particularly if it is followed by improper burial rites or no rites at all (or if proper--and usually evil--burial rites are used, in some cultures), can cause a dead person to rise again to walk the night. The exact nature of the walking dead varies by culture; zombies, vampires, ghosts, and other undead creatures are purported to roam the night from New Orleans to London, and beyond. One of the less well known variations on the theme of unquiet corpses hails from Scandinavia, where a strange creature known as the draugr.

Infected Template

The infected once were normal people, but now they are something else. Having been infected with a strange disease called “rage sickness,” these formerly ordinary people are now hate-fueled killing machines that hunt down living for no reason but to beat them to death with their bare hands. Any resemblance to the person an infected used to be is gone after the moment he becomes infected. His features twist into a hate-filled grimace and he bleeds from the mouth and eyes.

Ancestral Ghost

In Tolrea, where one goes after death is at least partly a function of where your culture believes you will go. In cultures that revere their ancestors, this sometimes means that death leads to an afterlife in the Spirit World, watching over one's descendants.


The product of renegade mages’ experiments in transmutation, a race of creatures called bothrians slithers and sucks its way through the remotest parts of the kingdom of Enteria’s rainforests. These horrifying amalgams of mollusk, insect and animal bear a haunting resemblance to the unfortunate creatures onto which their tentacles and additional eyes were grafted. The remnants of a humanoid face, an animal’s pelt, or a bird’s twisted wings often swirl together with outlandish webbing and tentacles.

Overseer Zombie

Overseer zombies are intelligent undead, reanimated from the corpses of humanoids, giants, or monstrous humanoids. They provide an additional layer of control between their creators and a number of mindless undead, allowing their masters to exercise indirect control over a much greater number of such creatures than would otherwise be the case.

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