Races of Stone

It might be surprising that I waited so long to acquire this book.  After all, I love dwarves.  As a race they exhibit tremendous heroism yet remain deeply flawed.  Back in the days of 1st edition it was clear that dwarves lived *ON* the mountains more than *IN* the mountains.  Their homes were close to the surface, and full of natural light.  Over succeeding revisions, dwarves have moved deeper and deeper underground and come to resemble their Duergar cousins more and more in behavior and outlook.  So I was reluctant to purchase this book – I was afraid I would get nothing but ‘dwarves are

Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight

Review of "Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight"

Martial Arts seem to be a tricky thing to really include in standard D&D. While the monks unarmed attacks and flurry of blows represent all the martial arts, with some tripping and grappling thrown in for good measure, it doesn’t really capture the ‘feel’ of a wuxia inspired movie. On the other hand, players may wish to play an unarmed warrior without all the ‘spiritual’ trappings of the monk. The standard rules don’t really allow for that. An ‘unarmed fighter’ even with all the unarmed feats, will never deal more than 1d4 base damage (and that includes Improved Natural Attack). Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight, attempts to redress these issues with the core rules.

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