shrunken head

Trophy Belt of Knowledge

Trophy Belt of Knowledge:

This macabre belt is rather primitive-looking, often consisting of little more than a piece of braided rope. The eye-catching thing about this belt is the series of shrunken humanoid heads hanging from twine tassels. The heads are very well preserved, usually being mummified, and carry no sign or smell of decay. Occasionally, such belts are made using the heads of sages and loremasters that willingly donate their remains upon death so that their trove of knowledge will not be lost to the world. More often, however, the heads are each individual trophies that the wearer has collected personally.

A trophy belt of knowledge may contain up to nine shrunken heads. Far from being a mere storage device for shrunken heads, the belt’s power increases as more heads are added. Each head offers a competency bonus on one Knowledge check, which must be chosen at the time the head is added to the belt and may not be changed. The bonus is equal to 1 plus 1 for each shrunken head the belt contains (including the first, giving a belt with only one head a +2 bonus on a Knowledge check). The bonus offered by each head must apply to a different Knowledge skill.

Upon donning the belt for the first time, each head mentally introduces itself to the wearer by name and states its specialty (the Knowledge skill it gives a bonus to). To activate the item, the wearer must call to the head she intends to question by name and must spend one minute conversing with the head before rolling the Knowledge check. The wearer must be able to speak and understand a language the particular shrunken head spoke in life to gain this bonus.

Minor necromancy; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, speak with dead; Price 200gp (one head), 900gp (two heads), 2,400gp (three heads), 5,000gp (four heads), 9,000gp (five heads), 14,700gp (six heads), 22,400gp (seven heads), 32,400gp (eight heads), 45,000gp (nine heads).

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