reflex saves

Duck and Cover

Duck And Cover [General]

You are able to react quickly to spells and effects that affect a large area.
Benefit: You can use an immediate action to react to a ranged attack or area effect that allows a reflex saving throw. You must not be denied your Dexterity bonus to AC in order to take advantage of this feat. You immediately fall prone, but gain a +4 cover bonus to AC against ranged attacks and a +2 cover bonus on your reflex saving throw. If you are standing amidst dense rubble, heavy undergrowth, or similar terrain, you gain improved cover when you fall prone (+8 bonus to AC, +4 bonus to Reflex saves, and improved evasion). This cover bonus to AC only applies to ranged attacks and does not stack with a bonus to AC for being prone. This cover bonus lasts until your next action.
Special: If you are playing with the optional rules for kneeling, you can choose to drop to a kneeling position, though in this case you gain only a +2 cover bonus to AC against ranged attacks, and a +1 bonus on your Reflex saves.

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