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Ring of Slippery Grip

The Ring of Slippery Grip

The city of Kyruia is home to one of the most prestigious fencing academies in the land. Students and instructors spend countless hours learning the art of swordplay, each trying to be better than his peers. It is for this reason that the ring of slippery grip was created.

Sera van Skein came from a rich family. She had always been good at fencing, though she had to work hard to learn and maintain her skills. Her position as an instructor at the academy was granted as a favor to her father, though she believed she had earned the position with her own skill. After a number of months of teaching, she found herself facing Bram Berno in a teaching exercise in front of her students.

Bram was a fellow instructor and a superb swordsman. He had come from a poor family and had attended the academy himself on a special scholarship. He took to fencing like a fish to water. His moves seemed as effortless as they were flawless and his swordplay was so full of style and finesse that it was described as a special kind of savoir-faire. Sera was jealous of him from the first time they sparred.

As it always tends to do, jealousy turned into rage. Sear found herself so unwilling to accept that someone from such a lower station than her own could best her that she secretly enlisted the aid of a member of the Mage’s Guild. The sorcerer she commissioned created a ring, which he assured her would cramp Bram’s style. Sera delightedly packaged the ring and sent it to Bram anonymously, along with a note reading “May this help you look as stylish and dashing as you truly are.”

Bram returned from teaching a class to find a package on his bed. He opened it to find a ring, apparently sent by a secret admirer. Smiling, he put it on, only to feel tiny barbs pierce his hand, causing blood to seep from a wound under the ring. Try as he might, he could not pry the ring from his fingers. Over the next few days, Bram found the ring to be the worst curse he could imagine. No healer at the academy seemed to be able to help him remove the ring. His hand was constantly soaked in his own blood, which trickled in a very small stream from under the ring. He tried to cover the sight with a leather glove, but his hand clenched painfully, preventing him from donning it.

On the third day after donning the ring, Bram tried to teach his class as normal. During the lesson, his sword slipped from his blood-soaked hand, injuring one of the students. Bram resigned from the academy and left the next day, telling friends that he was going to search for someone who could help him lift his newfound curse. What happened to Bram and the ring afterwards is unknown, though stories tell of the ring turning up at the academy again. None of these stories have been proven, however.

A ring of slippery grip is a cursed item designed to make wielding a weapon much more difficult. It is a small, simple silver ring, with a large red (fake) gemstone mounted in it. When it is donned, small barbs dig painfully into the wearer’s hand, dealing a single point of damage, which cannot be regained while the ring remains on the wearer’s finger. The ring constricts, making it impossible to remove without removing the finger as well. Blood constantly seeps from the wound, making the wearer’s hand slippery. If the wearer tries to don a glove or similar item while wearing the ring, his hand will clench uncontrollably, preventing such an action.

While the ring is worn, the wearer suffers a -4 penalty against being disarmed due to the slickness of his hand. In addition, the wearer’s fumble range is doubled, meaning that an attack roll of 1 or 2 is an automatic miss. In addition, a fumble always results in the weapon sliding out of the wielder’s hand, landing 10 feet away in a random direction and possibly damaging anything in its path.

Once the ring is donned, it refuses to come off. Death or removal of the finger will cause the ring to loosen its barbs. Casting a remove curse spell will achieve the same result. The ring has no effect on creatures that do not bleed.

Faint transmutation; CL 12th; Craft Ring, bestow curse; Market Price 72,000 gp.

The Cane of Jun Rhi

The Cane of Jun Rhi

During the Time of Terror when orcs banded together and rampaged across the civilized lands, the Order of the Rigid Blade closed their monastery doors, shutting themselves off from the outside world. When a desperate group of travelers arrived at the gates and begged entrance, the masters turned a deaf ear to their plight. They continued their meditations while a tribe of orcs violently slaughtered the travelers.

This had a strange effect of Master Jun Rhi. His meditations began to focus on those travelers and the outside world. Eventually, he came to the realization that he could no longer sit in his protected monastery while others who could not help themselves were brutally killed by the savages that walked the land. Having realized this, he donned a traveler’s cloak and left the monastery, never to return.

Jun walked the land, seeing the result of the orcish invasion. He helped anyone he could, regardless of his or her station and he never accepted any payment beyond a meal or a bed. One day, he noticed some strange lights flickering from the other side of a hill and he went to investigate. When he stepped over the hill, he saw that the lights originated from various spells that were being cast by a wizard. The wizard was obviously outmatched by the ten orcs that surrounded him.

Jun never hesitated for a moment, charging in and combating the orcs without the aid of a weapon. The orcs were so surprised at the arrival of this brash newcomer that two of their number fell to him before they could even react. The battle was short. Between Jun’s combat skill and the wizard’s spells, the orcs didn’t stand a chance. The fight was not won without a price, though. During the battle, an orc scored a solid hit on Jun with its mace, crippling his leg.

The wizard, who introduced himself as Geldar, was very grateful for the Jun’s assistance. Geldar took Jun to his home and patched the leg wound as best as his limited healing skills allowed him to. Over the next few months, Jun stayed with Geldar, getting better and better, though he never completely lost the limp his wound cursed him with. As a way of thanks for his assistance with the orcs, Geldar used his magic to create a special cane for his new friend, hoping to somehow make up for the limp that Jun would have for the rest of his life.

On the day that Jun announced his intention to continue his journey, Geldar presented the cane to his friend, telling him that it would help to compensate for the pain in his leg. Jun accepted the gift and re-embarked on his journey, discovering the powers of the cane as he continued helping those in need. Supposedly, it was entombed with him after his death, but there have been rumored sightings since that time.

Made from what appears to be flimsy willow or bamboo, most who see the cane do not even consider it a threat. Almost everyone who disregards it as nothing more than a simple walking stick is currently crippled or dead. The Cane of Jun Rhi is a +1 club. One per day, it can cast levitate or cat’s grace as a 5th-level wizard. The cane also makes the wielder more sure-footed, granting him a +2 bonus against trip attacks and a +2 confidence bonus to balance checks while it is actively being held or used. A monk who wields the Cane of Jun Rhi does so with his unarmed base attack, including his more favorable attacks per round.

Stake Driver


Marcus Jar was a strong man in his youth. His strength, combined with his uncanny ability to strike a target with a hammer dead on every time, earned him a position in the masonry guild as a peg-driver. His job was to drive wooden pegs into the uncut stone in a quarry and soak the pegs in water. The resulting swelling of the pegs caused the stone to crack, which enabled the guild to transport and mold it into magnificent works of art.

That was all in the past for Marcus, though. His age had finally caught up with him, rendering him virtually useless within the guild. Many of the younger guild members joked and laughed at him when they thought he couldn’t hear them. He found himself considering a retirement from the guild, even though he doubted he could find employment (and subsequently payment) elsewhere.

On the day that he finally made up his mind to retire, one of the king’s sons was overseeing the removal of a special stone from the quarry for a project he had commissioned when a pulley gave out and caused a massive avalanche, burying the young prince. While everyone stood and stared in complete shock, Marcus grabbed up a pick and began digging as quickly as he could. He spent two hours digging alone, as the rest of the work crew believed that the prince could not be alive under that much debris. Finally, his efforts paid off and he broke through to a strangely open area inside the rubble. The prince sat in the center of the open area, looking frightened, but relieved to see light again.

As it turned out, the prince was a fledgling sorcerer. At the last moment before being buried, he had conjured up a protective barrier to keep himself from being crushed. It held the stone and dirt at bay until Marcus could dig him out. The prince was very grateful for his life and offered to pay Marcus a great sum of money as thanks. Marcus declined, but asked that the prince make him a special hammer so that he could return to work. The prince was more than happy to comply and he spent weeks working on the perfect hammer, finally presenting Marcus with the finished product.

Marcus showed up at work the following day as he always did. He heard the jeers and the snickers behind his back as usual, but today they did not bother him. He walked boldly up to a splitter peg and took a striking stance. He could feel the eyes of many young guild members upon him, waiting for the comedic outcome of his attempt. He could not resist a small smile as he swung his new hammer in a mighty arc and drove the peg completely flush with the stone in a single swing. The surprised gasps and applause were more than enough to change Marcus’ mind about retirement.

Stake-Driver is a 10-pound stone-headed sledgehammer with the initials “M.J.” carved into the head. To the casual observer, it appears to be a normal sledgehammer, albeit a well-constructed specimen. Anyone who knows its history however, knows that it is much, much more than ordinary. When used to drive a stake, pole, post, piton or similar item into any earth or stone surface, the hammer always strikes true and the stake always drives home with only a single blow. Even the weakest person can make full use of the hammer’s abilities.

Black Marbles

Black Marbles

The human mage Lamal diSovel loved to entertain. Specifically, he loved entertaining children, delighting to see the surprised and enamored looks on their faces when he performed some sleight of hand or a minor magic trick. Traveling with a group of fellow performers and bards, Lamal got the pleasure of seeing the faces of hundreds of children light up, though it hurt the kindly wizard deeply to see the sad looks on those same faces when the traveling performers packed up and left town.

One day Lamal was in a magic shop looking for spell components when an adventurer came in to sell some minor magical trinkets he had found. Lamal was thinking about how much the children would love to play with these items when an idea hit him. He would create his own items to give to the children so they would not be so sad to see him go!

With this in mind, Lamal set himself to the task of studying up on the creation of magic items. He spent months with his nose in a book, reading and studying every moment that he wasn’t performing. After a few trial and error projects, he finally succeeded in creating the first of the hundreds of different types of magical trinkets he made for children during his traveling career, the black marble.

A black marble is a small ball of black glass that appears slightly warped, as though the glass it is made from was not shaped correctly. In truth, it was designed that way on purpose, since Lamal thought the funny shape would please children more than a perfect sphere. It detects as magical, but doesn't appear to have any obvious function. When it is placed on a slope however, it will roll upwards, defying any conception a person may have about physics or gravity.

When black marbles are created, they are usually crafted in batches of fifty. They are generally considered to be all but completely useless for adventurers and are mainly used as toys to entertain children. At best, they are a curious past-time to an adult, but children are almost always intrigued and entertained by them.

Ring of Controllable Urge

Ring of Controllable Urge

After an earthquake uncovered a previously unknown tomb, a group of adventurers led by the red mage Darius Gall was hired to explore its depths prior to a team of archeologists entering. All was going well when Darius felt nature’s call and hung behind for a little privacy to relieve himself. Standing in a corner with his attention focused on other things, he failed to notice the pair of skeletons rise from a pile of refuse. Surprising him completely, the skeletons wounded Darius deeply and would have finished him off if it had not been for the lucky intervention of the party cleric.

Darius vowed that he would never again be caught with his pants down. After finishing the exploration, he took his share of the payment and set about the task of creating a special ring. Within a few weeks, he finished his rituals and slipped the completed ring on his finger, instantly feeling any urge to relieve himself fade away.

During his adventuring career, Darius met many people, mostly adventurers like himself, who offered to buy his ring. He kept the original for himself, but made many more just like it, making a handsome profit off of each one. Eventually, he gave up adventuring altogether and made a rather successful business from making and selling his now-famous rings.

A ring of controllable urge is a simple band of white gold with no markings or adornments save for Darius’ initials etched on the inside of the ring. When slipped on a person’s finger, the wearer immediately feels the effects of nature’s calling slip away, providing a unique feeling of comfort. While the ring is worn, the wearer does not feel any pain or discomfort due to not answering nature’s call, though he will need to remove the ring and purge his system every few days or he will begin to feel hungry and full at the same time. An added bonus of the ring is that the wearer never needs to worry about soiling himself due to fear or otherwise, no matter how frightened he gets.

Ring of Unending Adventure

Ring of Unending Adventure:

Takemen Urom was a very frustrated halfling. Takemen was a sorcerer of some power, and had successfully been part of a larger adventuring group for a number of years. Swords of power, wands of magic, and a wide range of magical trinkets were plentiful for the cooperative group. Takemen, however, could never find enough items to eliminate inconvenience. Takemen was bothered by the need to sleep, eat, drink, answer nature's call, and rest after a long day’s march. Perhaps Takemen was impatient, but the result of his frustration would become one of the most envied items in all the realms.

Takemen searched far and wide for items of power that would eliminate the pesky details that hamper the common adventurer. The ring of sustenance he had found in the early days of the party's adventures was a handy bauble, but Takemen considered it merely a stepping-stone on the way to something better. Takemen inquired in every town and city he traveled to, inquiring with every high-end magic item trader and seller he could find. Though Takemen found many wonderful and handy items, even eventually finding a rare copy of Darius Gall's ring of controllable urge, Takeman was unsatisfied.

Taking matters into his own hands, Takemen gathered all the talented magic-crafters he knew and set about learning how to create his own rings. After a few weeks of study, Takemen was ready to tackle the challenge of creating the most convenient item ever made. He took what knowledge he had of arcane spells, and spliced together the most convenient effects he could find.

The result was a finely crafted ring of three finely interwoven metal bands. Each band is of a different precious metal: one of silver, one of gold, and one of electrum. Once the ring has been worn continuously for one week, the wearer is freed from several bothersome personal needs. The wearer is nearly tireless, needing only four hours of little to no activity in order to restore a day's worth of rest. The wearer does not, however, recover any hit points or ability points without sleep. The wearer may choose to spend two hours sleeping in order to gain hit points and ability points as if he or she had rested for a full eight hours. The wearer also has no need of food or drink, much as with a ring of sustenance, and becomes incredibly resistant to exhaustion and fatigue, gaining a +8 resistance bonus to Fortitude saves against exhaustion or fatigue as long as the ring is worn. The wearer no longer has any need to answer nature's call, but unlike Darius Gall's ring of controllable urge, the ring of unending adventure need never be removed in order for the wearer to purge waste from his or her system; instead, bodily waste is eliminated altogether.

Moderate transmutation; CL 12th; Forge Ring, bear’s endurance, create food and water, touch of fatigue; Price 22,250 gp.

False Ring of Controllable Urge

The False Rings of Controllable Urge

Tramas Skiel always had a “get rich quick” scheme hidden up the sleeve of his robes. The lesser of his life’s two largest problems is that none of his schemes ever worked. Every time he attempted to use his magic to make money quickly, his ideas crumbled and fell apart. In theory, his plans were sound, but in practice, they just never panned out.

The larger of his life’s problems was that he owed a lot of money that he had borrowed as capital for his various ideas. The largest amount of money he owed was to an upper-class dwarven “businessman” named Krag Stonebreaker. After yet another plan failed to bring in the promised revenue, Krag sent a few of his toughs to rough Tramas up a bit, hoping to encourage him to pay his debt. This scared Tramas a great deal, so much in fact that he turned to outright plagiarism to make enough money to pay his debt.

Tramas, having met the famous mage Darius Gall, decided that he would make his fortune by copying the success of the infamous ring maker. He locked himself inside his basement for a time, ignoring the repeated visits from Krag’s men. After a few weeks, he reappeared with a bag full of rings, which he took to Krag, claiming he had been out of town visiting Darius Gall and convincing the mage to sell him the bag of rings. After hearing about the properties of the rings, Krag agreed to settle Tramas’ debt if all of the rings sold.

Tramas set up a small booth along the market street and quickly sold all of his rings, making much more than he’d expected. He was closing up the booth when a small crowd appeared at the end of the street, making their way angrily towards his booth. He recognized many of the faces in the crowd as people that had bought his rings. Assuming that there was something wrong, Tramas ducked out the back of the booth. He stopped at a small tavern and had a drink while he waited for darkness to fall. Once it was pitch dark and no angry customer could see him, he made his way to Krag’s house.

Upon arriving at Krag’s house, Tramas was shown into the study of the moneylender. The dwarf calmly took the money Tramas had made without even counting it. He thanked the mage for his effort and told him that there was someone waiting for him downstairs. When Tramas made his way down the stairs, he found the angry mob waiting for him. They quickly grabbed him and dragged him outside, where they tied a rope around his neck and hung him from a tree. After he finally succumbed to suffocation, the leader of the mob placed a sign around his neck that read “Tramas the Fraud.”

Tramas, having no real friends, was buried in a lonely grave outside of town. Krag, who promised to have them destroyed, collected the rings he had made. Instead, he had one of his many agents sell them off in a nearby town.

A false ring of controllable urge functions much like the real thing, but unknown to Tramas, the process used to create it was flawed. The ring removes the urge to answer nature’s calling, but it does not remove the need itself. As a result, the wearer of the ring does not feel a need to relieve himself, but he does so anyway without realizing it, soiling himself and whatever clothing he is wearing.

A character that has soiled himself many not immediately realize his condition, but it should quickly become all too apparent. The character takes an effective -8 to charisma checks when dealing with other people. In addition, any creature possessing the Scent ability will be able to smell the character at the normal distance plus 20ft.



During the War of Acquisitions, a squad of dark knights penetrated the boundaries of the Whitewood Forest. Normally, they would never have made it inside, with the magic of the forest and that of the Keeper of the Wood keeping all unwelcome intruders at bay. On this occasion however, the Keeper, a human druid named Sylvana Feyfriend, was incapacitated with a strange sickness. The effects of the sickness were brief, but they were long enough to allow an incursion of dark knights to arrive at her doorstep.

The dark knights, finding an easy target, looted Sylvana’s home and tortured her for their own sick amusement, finishing by cutting out her tongue. It was only the timely arrival of a group of Sylvana’s ranger allies that saved her life, sending the dark knights charging away into the forest. The rangers slowly nursed the maimed druid back to health, promising her that her day of vengeance would come.

When she was strong enough, the leader of the rangers, a burly human named Kain Labone, helped her create a magical bracelet that would allow her to protect the forest despite her inability to speak the divine words of power required for her magic to work. Woven from the roots of an ivy plant and studded with holly leaves, the power of the bracelet could command plants to aid Sylvana in protecting the forest from any who would dare intrude.

Cling is a simple bracelet made from natural plant fibers. At will, the wearer can cause nearby grass, bushes, cacti and even trees to grab and hold anyone who is not agile enough to escape their grasp. Treat this as an entangle spell cast by a 5th-level druid.

Chloe's Sobriety

Chloe’s Sobriety

This simple wooden tankard was created by the bard-turned-spymaster, Chloe Vager. After her successful career as a bard in the service of Duke Osric Redier, she was commissioned by her lord to travel the land and act as one of his many spymasters, constantly seeking out information pertaining to him, his lands and his title.

Having come from a bardic background, Chloe was long acquainted with the value of drunken tavern ramblings. She took the opportunity and the funds granted by her new position to have a special tankard crafted for her, which she always drinks from while on the road. It is rumored that this tankard is what has made her the most successful spymaster in the Duke’s employ. Chloe still travels the land in the name of the Duke. To this day, she has never allowed anyone else to drink from her tankard.

Chloe’s Sobriety is a pint-sized wooden tankard. When sampled from this tankard, alcohol loses all potency, sour liquids become drinkable and even poison is rendered ineffective, since all liquids poured into Chloe’s Sobriety become pure water 1d4 rounds later.


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