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The World of Eckor

The World of Eckor is a new and unique setting. It incorporates the feel of a traditional contemporary fantasy, but also has a sci-fi-like touch of psionics. Far from being “just another world,” a rehash of the existing settings many of us grew up with, Eckor was designed with a different standpoint in mind. While most settings begin as a small idea and are gradually added to until they can reasonably be called a world, Eckor is the opposite, a setting that has defined borders and the skeleton of a world, but lacks most of the flesh that would allow it to function as a whole setting. The D&D Archive invites you not only to use Eckor, but to help flesh it out by submitting your own additions for publication.

The Setting Basics


Like people, every region and every nation is different from the next. Some places have long-spanning histories that have been recorded in exacting detail by armies of scribes. Others tell their history only by word of mouth through myth and legend handed down to the next generation. Likewise, some nations are closed and introverted while others explore and even expand. Every different place is a player on the world’s stage.





The Borderlands



The Central Waste

The Deep Desert

Free Haven

The Giant Lands







North Ribonia

Pichu Tah

The Plains of Ice


Sands of the Dragon

The Savage Lands

South Ribonia







The Uncivilized Lands





Proper Name: The Zymian Republic

Ruler: Dictator Raeus Desomous Tydeius [LE Male Human]

Government: Ostensibly a republic. In reality the republic is little more than a means to keep the populace from rioting. The real power is in the hands of whichever general has the military force to back up his claim as Dictator.

Capital City: Naeh

Resources: Amethyst, exotic vegetables, pottery and textiles, quartz

Population: 9,324,000

Law: LN

Allies: Inama

Enemies: None


Proper Name: The Kingdom of Visha

Ruler: Regent Randan Kilemein [LG Male Human]

Government: A direct Monarchy where the ruler is chosen from a line of royal blood. Currently, no blood heir can be found, so the position of Regent has been filled until such a time as a royal heir can be located. Visha is part of the Empire.

Capital City: l’Valentin

Resources: Arms and armor, chocolate, exotic fruit, lumber

Population: 583,000

Law: NG

Allies: The Empire*

Enemies: Blackmoor

The Uncivilized Lands

Proper Name: None

Ruler: Unknown

Government: Anarchy

Capital City: Unknown

Resources: None

Population: Unknown

Law: CE

Allies: None

Enemies: The Borderlands, Inama, Taj-Alid, Tyrus


Proper Name: The Free Lands of Tyrus Banial

Ruler: Dictator Liam Holstead [LE Male Human]

Government: Facist Dictatorship

Capital City: Draz Noor

Resources: Lumber, oils, seafood

Population: 202,700

Law: LE

Allies: None

Enemies: The Uncivilized Lands


Proper Name: The Holy Lands of Tiel

Ruler: The Divine Council of Tiel

Government: A Theocratic Republic where each of the largest churches chooses two representatives to form a council. This council acts as the ruling body.

Capital City: Revance

Resources: Foodstuffs, livestock, fine ale and beer, religious paraphernalia.

Population: 326,339

Law: LN

Allies: The Empire*



Proper Name: Thur

Ruler: The Great Czar (Currently Nataliem Relie [LE Female Human])

Government: Monarchy where the ruing family presides by divine right

Capital City: Vate

Resources: Cattle, cotton, horses, peanuts

Population: 1,294,994

Law: LN




Proper Name: Tholldan

Ruler: Khlor Karr Schusenhoffer [NG Male Dwarf]

Government: A Feudalistic system in which several noble houses are granted land, title and authority to rule by a central figurehead, called the Khlor.

Capital City: Herekush

Resources: Silver, copper, mithril, gems, iron ore

Population: 378,785

Law: LN

Allies: The Empire*



Proper Name: The Bountiful Sands of Taj-Alid

Ruler: Emporer of the Sun (currently Hareem et Hebuokin [LE male human])

Government: A monarchy where the oldest male heir of royal blood is crowned as “Emperor of the Sun” upon the death of the previous emperor. If there is no living male heir, the closest male blood-relative is crowned instead.

Capital City: Dareem

Resources: Palm oil, slaves, spices

Population: 757,571

Law: CN

Allies: None

Enemies: Al-Amim


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