Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip [General]

You know how to use your crossbow as a weapon, even when it's not loaded.
Prerequisite: BaB +1
Benefit: You can make attacks with the pommel or butt stock of a crossbow without penalty, including attacks of opportunity. An attack with the stock of a hand crossbow does the same damage as an unarmed attack as per normal for the attacker’s size, though the attacker is considered armed and the damage is lethal. Despite the name of the feat, an attacker can also make attacks with the stock of a light, heavy or repeating crossbow as well. Treat any such attack as a club sized for the attacker wielded in both hands, applying any damage from Strength appropriately. Any magical enhancement upon the crossbow does not apply to such attacks, though a masterwork bonus does apply. If the crossbow is loaded, there is a 50% chance that attacking in this manner sets it off harmlessly.
Special: A fighter may select Pistol Whip as one of his fighter bonus feats.
Special: If firearms are included in the campaign, this feat may be applied. Treat a pistol as a hand crossbow and a musket as a crossbow.


Sniper [General]

Given a good position, you’re able to make accurate shots from extreme distances.
Prerequisite: Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, base attack bonus +8
Benefit: When using a crossbow in the prone position or a position where you can rest or mount your weapon on a supporting surface (such as resting it on a castle's crenelation), the range increment of your crossbow increases by one half its normal range. This stacks with the benefit granted by the Far Shot feat, effectively giving you double the crossbow’s listed range increment. Further, the distance to which you can make sneak attacks with a crossbow increases to 45ft.
Normal: Ranged sneak attacks may only be made within 30ft. of a target.

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