Pole Vault

Pole Vault [General]

With the aid of a simple shaft of wood, you can propel yourself up or forward to dazzling lengths.
Prerequisites: Jump 1 rank
Benefit: When holding a quarterstaff or a 10-foot pole, you gain a +5 competence bonus to any Jump check used to make a long jump or a high jump as long as you are able to get a running start of at least 20 ft. If you are wielding a quarterstaff, you may use a pole vaulting attack to potentially knock your opponent prone. If you use the charge action to make an unarmed attack and you successfully damage your opponent, you may make an immediate trip attempt against that opponent. If your trip attempt fails, your opponent may not attempt to trip you in return.
Special: The trip attack used during a pole vaulting charge attack is made to determine if your opponent is thrown off his feet by the force of your attack. As such, the effects of the Improved Trip feat do not apply to this attack.

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