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Cosmology of Tolrea

The planar landscape surrounding the Prime Material Plane of Tolrea departs from the Great Wheel cosmology laid out in the Dungeon Master’s Guide v. 3.5 in Chapter 5: Campaigns. The Elemental Planes do not exist, and have been replaced by the Spirit World, a planar realm which exists as an echo or doubling of the Material Plane, separated from it by the misty veil of the Ethereal Plane. See below for a discussion of spirits and the Spirit World.

Monsters of Tolrea


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The Passage of Time

Time is reckoned by several different calendars in the world of Tolrea, depending on the race, nationality, and religious background of the individuals concerned. The human-dominated lands of the Aureshan Empire and Mereflow Valley rely upon the Harenic Calendar, a solar calendar containing 384 days divided among twelve months of four weeks each. Each week incorporates eight days. Veril Haren, Imperial Astrologer and Court Mage to Emperor Auresh XXII, devised the Harenic Calendar. A new year of the Harenic Calendar begins on the first day of Immeril, at the winter solstice.

Classes in Tolrea

All of the core classes introduced in the Player's Handbook v. 3.5 and the NPC classes from the Dungeon Master's Guide v. 3.5 are found in the Tolrea setting.

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