aureshan empire


Small City, population 9,208 (37% human, 20% dwarf, 18% elf, 10% gnome, 7% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 3% halfling)

GP Limit: 15,000 gp.

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 6,906,000 gp.

Imports: Charcoal, coal, glass, lamp oil, pottery, salt, tools, wood

Exports: Bronze, caviar, copper, fish, tin


Large City, population 13,713 (79% human, 9% halfling, 5% gnome, 3% dwarf, 2% half-elf, 1% elf, 1% half-orc)

GP Limit: 40,000 gp

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 27,426,000 gp

Imports: Alum, charcoal, food, hides, luxury items, metals, sand, stone.

Exports: Alchemical goods, artwork, books, cloth, glassware, leather, optics, paper, parchment, timber.

The Aureshan Empire

Capitol: Aureshtolrea_aureshan_superlowres

Population: 30,000,000 (48% humans, 10% gnomes, 10% half-elves, 10% dwarves, 8% elves, 7% orcs, 5% half-orcs, 2% other)

Exports: Manufactured goods, grain, livestock, wine, books

Imports: Spices, silk, charcoal, wood

Imperial Spy

The Aureshan Empire has endured for almost a thousand years, weathering civil war, barbarian invasion, religious turmoil, and economic privation and emerging from these trials with a rich and vigorous culture. The Empire’s ability to overcome the challenges posed by its size, its warlike neighbors, and its disparate peoples and religions owes to the expansiveness and dedication of the Emperor’s government and soldiers . . . and to the quality of the espionage service that feeds information to them so that they can act before a problem becomes insurmountable.

Legate of Agon

The Celestial Judge personifies ideals central to the Aureshan world view—that the rule of law and the greatness of the Empire are one and the same, that criminality is impiety and that unchecked social disorder inevitably leads to the breakdown of civilization. The Emperor is the anointed spokesman of the gods and ancestors, and his officials interpret and enforce edicts which are simultaneously mortal law and quasi-divine mandate.


Small City, population 9,454 (37% human, 20% elf, 18% halfling, 10% dwarf, 7% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 3% gnomes)

GP Limit: 15,000 gp.

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 7,077,750 gp.

Imports: cloth, copper, glass, iron, pitch, pottery, rope, tar, tin, wood, zinc.

Exports: dried fish, dried produce, lamp oil, ships, stone.

Caster Arentine

Small City, population 7,277: (79% human, 9% dwarf, 5% half-orc, 3% elf, 2% half-elf, 2% other)

GP Limit: 3,000 gp

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 5,450,250 gp

Imports: Ale, armor, charcoal, fodder, food, glass, horses, leather, metal, paper, pottery, rope, stone, weapons, wine, wood.

Exports: None.


Large City, population 19,542: (79% human, 9% dwarf, 5% halfling, 3% gnome, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc)

GP Limit: 40,000 gp

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 39,082,000 gp

Imports: Ale, books, cattle, glassware, grain, lamp oil, leather, parchment, pottery, wine, wood

Exports: Alchemical goods, artwork, gemstones, honey, mead, iron, stone, wool


Metropolis, population 135,303 (79% human, 9% dwarf, 5% halfling, 2% gnome, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 1% other)

GP Limit: 150,000 gp

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 1,014,772,500 gp

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