aid another


Simpatico [General]

You are so familiar with the habits of your friends, family or companions that you work together in near-perfect harmony, rarely getting in each other’s way.
Benefit: When successfully using the aid another option to assist another person that also has this feat, the bonus your assistance grants to a skill check, attack roll or AC becomes +4 instead of the normal +2.


Inspirational [General]

Your speech, mannerisms and even your looks just seem to inspire others to remember things they had previously forgotten.

Benefit: When an ally within 10 feet of you makes a Knowledge check, you automatically succeed on the roll to aid another, granting them a +2 bonus to the roll. You need not have ranks in the relevant Knowledge skill, even if the DC for the roll is higher than 10. The ally must be able to see or hear you to gain this bonus.

Normal: If you are untrained in a Knowledge skill, you can't make a check unless the DC is 10. Aiding another requires rolling the same skill check against DC 10.

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