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Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

Anicent Lands of Mystery!

Towering pyramids rise from the sands, speaking of the glory of kings long gone. Three mighty pharaohs, kings and gods, rule over a land divided – over nations hovering on the brink of war. Priests of mighty deities guide the lives of peasants and nobles alike, as all struggle to make the most of the fertile lands lining the mighty river Yor. All around, the desert grows, encroaching nearer each day to the last remaining refuge of a once mighty civilization. Welcome to Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

In August of 2008 I found myself at GENCON. It turned out to be a good time to make my first expedition. With the release of 4th edition I found exceedingly good bargains. Visiting the Green Ronin booth I picked up Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra for $5. After reading The Samarkand Solution and The Annubis Murders by Gary Gygax, I was thinking of possibly running something set in an Egyptian-themed setting. At that price, I figured I could afford to be disappointed.

The Last Days of Constantinople - Role Playing Adventure in the Byzantine Empire

April, 1453.  For a thousand years, the Byzantine Empire has been civilization’s guardian, carrying on Rome’s legacy.  Now 100,000 battle-hardened Turkish warriors have surrounded the great city and are making ready to storm its mighty walls.  A d20 adventure for 1st through 3rd level characters, from the scripter of the best-selling computer strategy games Panzer General 2 and Silent Hunter 2 (SSI).  Find the young empress – if she even exists.  Stand alongside the last Roman emperor in a climactic fight to the death.  Fight Vlad the Impaler, nastiest of the Sultan’s allies.

Beyond the Towers

After reading the first adventure in the Bleeding Edge series, Mansion of Shadows, I immediately picked up the second, titled Beyond the Towers. The title is a bit of a misnomer. There aren’t any towers involved; the title is in reference to the name of a mountain range featured in Mansion of Shadows.

The prime story of this adventure centers on a researcher that has invested significant resources toward uncovering information about a small culture called the Hetepkans that died out thousands of years ago. An academic rival of his has not only paid a reptilian bandit to steal his findings and destroy his base of operations, but also convinced his lab assistant to sabotage his efforts as well. Enter the PCs.

Mansion of Shadows

It’s been a long time since I wrote an adventure review. Well… to be fair, this is a re-write of a review. I read this adventure last year and wrote a review for it, but lost that when my hard drive died. I think that reading it through a second time before my final review was actually beneficial. So let’s get to it, then.

This is the first adventure in a short series of adventures published by Green Ronin Publishing under the title Bleeding Edge. These adventures are only loosely connected by the fact that they all take place in the campaign setting of Freeport. Mansion of Shadows did a fine job of pointing out that playing in the Freeport world is not required so long as some strides are made to keep the local geography roughly the game. Mansion of Shadows is suitable for four to six characters of 1st to 3rd level.

I5 Lost Tomb of Martek (TSR 1983)

[b]By Tracy Hickman [/b]

[b]AD&D adventure for characters levels 7-9[/b]

[i]One thousand years ago, the wizard Martek knew that you would come to find his Sphere of Power. Now, one of his glowing Star Gems shows you the way. The starlight, reflected in the glass beneath you, flickers peacefully.[/i]

[i]Martek's prophesy spoke of heroes, tests and dangers. Are you the heroes? What are the tests? What dangers and riches lie ahead? [/i]


The adventure is 32 pages long.

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