Stealthy NPCs

You can choose multiple CR values. Hold Shift and click high and low values to choose a range, or use Ctrl to pick discrete CRs.
Title CR Author
Jameson (and Helena) Gord            9 to 13            Talanall
Matthew Hardrada (CR 2)                       Fixxxer
Ki Long (CR 1)                       Fixxxer
Ilexor, Innkeeper at the Gentle Bramble Inn            9            Talanall
Gnome Bard            1 to 20            Talanall
Flandargambil “Flittertongue” Boddon            3            Talanall
Leleaux Dugget (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Khana de Alin (CR 13)                       Fixxxer
Kurain Sandwalker (CR 8)                       Fixxxer
Lillith Glavestriker (CR 2)                       Fixxxer
Karen Stellsen            15            Talanall
Jordinel "Goldenthumbs" Glimstickel            7            Talanall
Lelaras Kenivelson (CR 6)                       Fixxxer
Barth Ewell, Purveyor of Fine and Not-So-Fine Horses and Mules, Veterinarian, and Farrier            4            Talanall
Jarell Khairn (CR 10)                       Fixxxer
Shinjo Nobunaga (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Eulan Fisher                       Fixxxer
Elspet Aliquisa, Dowager Baroness Morendrel, Speaker for the League of Truth            14            Talanall
Elihandria Lathengeisei                       Fixxxer