Spellcasting NPCs

You can choose multiple CR values. Hold Shift and click high and low values to choose a range, or use Ctrl to pick discrete CRs.
Title CR Author
Trogar the Axe            5            Talanall
Jameson (and Helena) Gord            9 to 13            Talanall
King Gorthram VII            5            Talanall
Captain Nebbin "Lemonbiter" Hardpick            6            Talanall
Vladimir Pedriski (CR 8)                       Fixxxer
Gronk, "King" of Strelk            8            Talanall
Gnome Bard            1 to 20            Talanall
Winilistrae, Archdruid of the Tallwood            12            Talanall
Marc Grandlekeen, Trollkiller, Trapper and Researcher                       Talanall
Harel Spelsen            7            Talanall
Gelinat, Doppelganger Enchanter            8            Talanall
Flandargambil “Flittertongue” Boddon            3            Talanall
Harold the White                       Talanall
Leleaux Dugget (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Kurain Sandwalker (CR 8)                       Fixxxer
Lelaras Kenivelson (CR 6)                       Fixxxer
Sha-Hala Es K'ali (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Houge Krahl (CR 12)                       Fixxxer
Jarell Khairn (CR 10)                       Fixxxer
Shinjo Nobunaga (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Harl d'Gunder                       Fixxxer
Quelramas Berelmin, Chairman of the Righteous and Benevolent Society of the Argent Fountain            8            Talanall
Grand Magus Vim of the Worshipful Order of the Squared Circle            13            Talanall
Eulan Fisher                       Fixxxer
Enway, Bleak Cartel Chairman            17            Talanall
Elspet Aliquisa, Dowager Baroness Morendrel, Speaker for the League of Truth            14            Talanall
Teodora IV, God-Queen            13            Talanall
Teoric VI, God-King            12            Talanall