The Masses

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Title CR Author
Ngesay Bobowei            14            Fixxxer
Hursk, Mayor of Keriel's turn, Owner of the Goblin's Head Tavern            3            Talanall
Lord Brithwon the Grim            7            Talanall
Jordinel "Goldenthumbs" Glimstickel            7            Talanall
Lelaras Kenivelson (CR 6)                       Fixxxer
Alvart Algartsson, Lord W√¶gmunding            2            Talanall
Barth Ewell, Purveyor of Fine and Not-So-Fine Horses and Mules, Veterinarian, and Farrier            4            Talanall
Fafrilla, Mayor of Golden Sheaves            10            Talanall
Josiah Brewster            9            Talanall
Guild Master Soren Vast            16            Talanall
Duke Merenstone Hope            11            Talanall
Ragnon Delver (CR 2)                       Fixxxer
Sha-Hala Es K'ali (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Sheena Spire (CR 3)                       Fixxxer
Venus Hallek (CR 4)                       Fixxxer
Emperor Aurelon IV            7            Talanall
Kamin Moriah, Arch-chancellor of the Imperial University            15            Talanall
Albus Philomath, Imperial Satrap of Adrag Province            8            Talanall
Belda Grimilon, Marchioness of Zeno            2            Talanall
Orosius, Duke of Quar            3            Talanall