[WotD] The Story So Far

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[WotD] The Story So Far

0 ASF (After Sareen's Folly)
The Archmage Sareen Gendarv conducted a disasterous magical ritual. This ritual resulted in the summoning of the Demon Prince Orcus and the Archdevil Mammon to Castle Vuzuvaan on the Outskirts of The Empire. The battle between these two evil outsiders devastated the greenskin tribes to the North and the Scaled Alliance to the South. The battle concluded with the death of Orcus.

The Empire's Elector Aristocracy turned the unincorporated frontier around the ruins of Castle Vuzuvaan into the twenty first province of The Empire. Now known as The Outpost, the ruins are a nexus of extraplanar activity from around The Great Wheel. The Outpost is overseen by the halfling Archdruid Taron.

19 ASF
Drow from around The Great Wheel receive permission from Archdruid Taron to hold a wake for the minor bureaucrat Itar zin'Affa zin'Tringouli zin'Lloth in an iron mine that has fallen into disuse near The Outpost. The event's security is to be overseen by the Drow warrior Yuson. Unfortunately, violence erupts and is swiftly put down with a minimal amount of blood by the agents of Simon Kendarr, the chief scout for The Outpost. The social faux pas is forgiven when Princess Kalani's pet spider is permitted to eat Yuson's hand. Yuson, now a pariah in Drow society throughout the Great Wheel, takes a permanent role working for Simon Kendarr.

The Eighth Week of Summer, 20 ASF
The Outpost's stonemason, the tiefling Dyrakus, is swindled by a stonemason. Yuson picked the tiefling Able, the draconic Charn, the human Caleb, and the otherworldly Raven to chase down the stonemason and restore Dyrakus' property. The travelers rescue the stonemason from a mysterious group of communists known as the Thousandfold Men of Industry. In so doing, they also free the wood elf ranger Eryndir, who joins them. The otherworldly Raven Sarifoli takes other duties at The Outpost.

Upon their return, Simon Kendarr tasks the recruits with guard duty at the portal to the rest of the planes. There, they detain pilgrims of Orcus, allow a group of Thri-kreen entrance to their lands, and meet the Demon Verin sent to recruit able-bodied fighters to join the Blood War.

When the story of the thwarted Thousandfold Men of Industry reaches Archdruid Taron, the Archdruid sends the recruits to warn his colleague, the Druid Hatepshon. They travel deep into the woods to discover that the communists were attempting to sacrifice the Druid. After this second group of communists are thwarted, the Druid offers the travelers payment to warn his colleague Commander Erendi Highleaf. He also invites them to explore "a new cave" he was notified of by an "acquaintance." When the travelers found the company of Commander Highleaf repugnant, they determined to explore this "new cave" before returning to The Outpost.