[WotD] Rules in Use

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[WotD] Rules in Use

I want to clarify which published supplements, playtest materials, and rulings we've made in Watchers of the Dawn. This thread will track the rules in use and monitor the evolution of those rules over time.

Watchers of the Dawn uses the following WotC published works:

The Tortle Package
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Elemental Evil Players Companion
Hoard of the Dragon Queen*
The Rise of Tiamat*
Princes of the Apocalypse*
Out of the Abyss*
Storm King's Thunder*
Tomb of Annihilation*
Dungeon Master's Guide**
Player's Handbook**
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide***
Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron***
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica***

*These adventures are considered to have occurred where the adventure is considered to have occurred. Any player options from these adventures are present in The Empire, including all spells, feats, magical items, backgrounds, and equipment.

**The PHB and DMG offer a number of optional rules which are adopted in WotD. These include:
Crafting a Magic Item
Customizing Ability Scores
Mixing Potions
All Planar Effects (DMG 50-66)
Playing on a Grid
Skills with Different Abilities
Variant Backgrounds
Variant Human Race

***These books are adopted completely, with the caveat being that all of the player options from these books are also available in The Empire.

Watchers of the Dawn uses the following playtest materials:

The Artificer Revisited
Magic Items of Eberron
Giant Soul Sorcerer
Three Subclasses
Elf Subraces
The Ranger, Revised (Supercedes the Ranger from the PHB)

Watchers of the Dawn uses the following rulings:

Flanking - as the DMG but without the word "melee."