New Feat: Improved Deflect Arrows

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New Feat: Improved Deflect Arrows

[b]Improved Deflect Arrows [General, Fighter] [/b]
Your increased speed allows you to deflect multiple attacks in succession.
[i]Prerequisite: [/i] Dex 15, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed Strike
[i]Benefit[/i]: You gain on additional use of the Deflect Arrows feat per turn.
[i]Special: [/i] A character may gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.
[i]Special:[/i] A fighter may select Improved Deflect Arrows as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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Not only is the Dex requirement higher, it represents the expenditure of at least one additional feat to be able to take advantage of the mechanic. I guess this is most attractive for monks, who would qualify for it as early as 3rd level and it would be the first feat in the tree they're actually buying (assuming they took Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat at 2nd level). But they could just as easily have gone for Improved Initiative, Dodge, or what have you instead. And all they're getting for it is deflecting two arrows per turn instead of one.

I don't foresee a scenario where someone is complaining about a combat monster monk whose claim to fame is that you don't get to shoot him because he spent every feat he had on swatting missiles out of the air. This is probably fine as-is.

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