How to format images on the site

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How to format images on the site

If you're running a play-by-post game, at some time you will probably need to post a map. Here's how.

Using BBCode

This method works nicely for very basic postings. If you have a smaller image, use the following markup. [img=400x300][/img] The above will produce the following image output:


This approach has the advantage of being simple, easy, and effective. You should adjust the "400x300" bit to suit the dimensions of your image--if you have a basic image that is 1000 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall (to take an extreme example) the provided dimensions will be totally unsuitable, and will distort the image when it is displayed.

Using HTML

Sometimes you will need to post an image that is too large to display comfortably on the forum's layout, but too detailed to be very legible when shrunk down to 400 pixels in width. The best approach in this case is to use the HTML img tag. The markup is like so: <a href="" class="colorbox">   <img src="" width="100%" /> </a> And it gives the following output:

If you click on this version, you'll see that the full-size picture loads in a "colorbox" format, which shows it at full size in a pop-up window.

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