Supplementary Material (Character Creation)

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Supplementary Material (Character Creation)

When creating a new character, do you submit sketches or come up with a cool accent or anything like that? Do you come to the first session with, "Imagine Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis mixed together" prepped as a helpful tip for the DM and others to picture your character in their heads? Specific mannerisms? Props? Anything?

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Remember Feruq? :D

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Sometimes, but often a character will evolve based on the things that the character does. I remember a character I had created, 'Mel', for a Deadlands game. He wasn't based on anything, but something about him ended up reminding players of Mel Gibson. In an adventure that involved Hollywood characters, Mel finally gave his last name as 'Bigson'. He ended up being quite fun to play, but I hadn't intended that from the beginning - it just happened to evolve.

Usually I have a sense of what I'd like the character to be like and I try to add skills and abilities that reflect the concept. Sometimes the concept doesn't survive my rather strong personality (ie, I play myself rather than my character). But the best characters have enough going for them that it isn't hard to imagine what they'd do - they control their own destiny.

A worldview and philosophy as well as a past are more important for me than a particular accent or verbal tick. If you're playing a lot of characters, they help get you in the mindset quickly. When I GM, I definitely try to give characters - even bit characters - a distinctive voice. Not only does it help me keep them straight, it makes them far more memorable, I think, to the players.

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Gimmicks are great tricks for supporting NPCs. "That guy with the limp" or "the crusty old miner at the edge of town" can be stereotypes but if there is only one of each of them in a campaign, it can be shorthand for the players to keep track of them.

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I don't do any of that. Usually there is a moderately detailed background to my character, where I talk about formative experiences, childhood, etc. and also try to come up with a plausible chain of events leading to the adventure at hand. But I don't have any particular aptitude for drawing, or impressions and accents, so I don't bother whipping out the Crayolas.

Also I haven't played tabletop for a really, really long while. So there has been no reason for me to develop that skill set.

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