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Fallout Shelter

Anyone playing this? It started as a mobile app bu I think you can play it on Windows now. For those who have any interest in the Fallout series, this game places you in charge of a Vault of your very own, with people coming to live in it. You view the Vault in a cross-section from the side as it descends deeper and deeper underground, and you decide where to place all of the rooms and who should occupy each one. Each of the Vault Dwellers has ability scores based on the SPECIAL system from the Fallout games and those stats determine their effectiveness at certain jobs. Obviously, bad shit happens all the time in this game, even within the relative safety provided by the Vault; fires, molerats burrowing up from below, radscorpions crawling through the walls, raiders attacking the Vault Door, etc. So you need to equip your Dwellers with the right outfits (which boost their stats, because everyone knows a leather jacket is worth +6 Strength) and weapons.

I played it about a year to a year and a half ago but eventually lost interest, but between then and last week or so when I picked it back up again, lots of new features have been added. The new Questing system dramatically increases your options for sending people outside to bring back phat lewt. There are also workshops where you can craft your own items, and to that end a new category of items - junk - has been introduced to craft everything from. You can even scrap already existing items and hopefully recover some of the junk to use again.

It's pretty fun because you can play for 5-10 minutes a day just to check in to see how everyone is doing (time passes when you aren't playing, but nothing substantive happens: for example, if a Vault Dweller becomes pregnant, exiting the game for a few hours will let the pregnancy run its course, but the baby won't be born until you launch the app again). And it certainly behooves you to do so generally, because the longer you sit there fiddling with everything, the more likely it is that something bad will happen in your Vault. But some stuff takes time anyway, forcing you to take breaks, like when you're waiting for the workshop to finish crafting an item or for one of your Dwellers to reach their destination to start a new quest. To that end, another new feature has been introduced: Nuka-Cola Quantum, which can be spent to expedite just about everything in the game or unlock recipes you don't have all the pieces for yet. So if you really want to decorate your living quarters with a Brotherhood of Steel motif but don't have all the pieces of the design layout, you can just spend bottles of Quantum to skip ahead.

I dig it. The notifications to tell you when ti come back to check on the game are pretty helpful, too. All in all it's super fun.

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It was buggy as hell on iOS. I abandoned it, and didn't know you could play on Windows.

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