DC Universe Online

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DC Universe Online

I don't know who here has played this on PC or other platforms previously but it just rolled out on XBox One this month. It's a free to play MMORPG set in Gotham and Metroopolis. The premise is that in an alternate Earth, Luthor finally won: he killed Superman, and pretty much everyone else, hero and villain, died along the way. But their battle distracted the planet's would-be defenders from Brainiac's arrival with these giant automated ships that suck people up and harvest their DNA, specifically targeting anyone with powers.

So yeah, that sucked. But Luthor had a plan: steal these little exobyte robots with the DNA of all Earth's superheroes and supervillains and travel to an alternate dimension where Brainiac hasn't showed up yet. He then seeds the atmosphere with the exobytes and all these random people everywhere in the world start developing superpowers. You can play as a hero or a villain, of course.

It's pretty neat. You pick a fighting style and a few different categories to level up your powers in, as well as who your mentor is. I think that last choice, once upon a time, determined one of your other attributes but now it appears to just influence who gives you stuff to do. So, I'm basically running around Gotham making mischief for Joker in between Brainiac-specific objectives.

I think if I had to pick between Marvel and DC I would go with Marvel but the game itself is pretty awesome.