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Burning Wheel

Has anyone here ever played Burning Wheel RGP? My weekly gaming group switched over a few years back and we love it. Although it shares some similarities with D&D - largely in that it's also set in a Tolkein-esque setting, the focus of the game is very different. Burning Wheel is about characters following their beliefs, driving the story forward, and being rewarded for doing so.

Other awesome stuff:
Skills level up as you use them! Do a lot of sword swinging, and you'll get better with sword!
Artha - get rewarded for playing towards your character's personal beliefs and flaws.
Armor takes damage in combat and eventually breaks!
Circles is an incredibly cool mechanism for creating NPCs
Character creation via lifepaths makes for great, unique characters

Now obviously, there are a few drawbacks.
First, and most importantly, this is the most ideosyncratic system I've ever played. To the point of some real absurdity. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what the game designers were thinking. Fortunately, most of the really weird stuff is in the various subsystems, and you can work around it.
Secondly, the way the lifepath system works is really locked into the default setting. It takes a lot of work to hack this system into something that isn't gritty tolkein fantasy.

Overall, I think BW is a fantastic game, and one that's really well suited to forum or discord play. Has anyone else ever tried it? I'm interested in hearing your experience.

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This sounds awesome, and I want to try it now.