Altered Carbon/Eclipse Phase

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Altered Carbon/Eclipse Phase

Netflix recently released Season One of Altered Carbon earlier this month. Its pretty interesting and is fueling plenty of conversation around the water cooler. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to folks.

However, I've also been playing in a game of Eclipse Phase the past few months.

Eclipse Phase if a free RPG that's really neat and mind-bendy. The mechanics are unfortunately too clunky, but that's what happens when people get nostalgic for Shadowrun without remembering the frustrating parts of Shadowrun. The primary inspiration for Eclipse Phase is the Altered Carbon book. While there are definitely frustrating parts to Eclipse Phase, its still worth playing once you understand the mind-bendy transhuman stuff in it.

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I think we're finally about to start Altered Carbon tonight. I love how even sci-fi transhumanist stuff that Netflix produces is about cops and serial killers.