My Father has a Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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My Father has a Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

A couple of weeks ago we learned my father had prostate cancer. He had some imaging tests and it has definitely spread to his lymph nodes and appears (but not 100% definitely confirmed) to also be in his bones in two places. It's not great news.

At this stage, their are treatments that can slow/reduce the presence of the cancer, but it cannot be 'cured'. He'll have it until he dies, whether because of the cancer or whether something else gets him first. Apparently there is a 29% 5-year survival rate with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, so we may have lots of time. These things suck no matter what, and the timing is always terrible. He's in California and I'm in Tennessee; I can't just pull the kids out of school to go see him; but if he were to pass before we make it out there (maybe Christmas) I'd feel pretty bad about it.

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I am sorry to read this man. I have had cancer and got through it in the past and the best piece of advice I can offer is to just be "there" as often as possible.

Obviously, I don't know your father. However, I have found that when people go through this they will process it how they process it and may bristle when people try to fix or suggest things to them. I can only speak from my experience though. You're right, these things suck. Just be his kid and help out when and where you can.

I live in Moreno Valley,CA and will try to help in any way I can.

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I'm sorry to hear that. My Mom has been battling brain cancer for the last 2 1/2 years. She's only got months at this point, so we're all driving up Thursday to potentially see her one last time. I've been in a state of constant depression since they ended her chemo.

It's tough. And I know the fear and pain you're going through. If you need anyone to listen, I've been there.

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I am terribly sorry to her all of this news - both yours and Aladdar's. I cannot offer much physical support, but if either of you ever need to just vent or ask advice or anything at all, please reach out.

I love you guys, truly.