I miss writing

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I miss writing

Soooo, I used to come around here back in the day, but not sure where to post this.
Just wondering if any open spots in any active campaigns for play by post at the moment or sometime in the near future?
Admittedly I have no clue how to play d&d anymore, but I can wing it.
Nice to see all of you guys still around, keep me posted, thanks!

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You were missed HyperVyperBeam. If it gets you playing, I'll run something. But I'm pretty sure that we could make room for you in one or more games if that sounds like something you'd like. Cronono is currently running a 5th edition game and there are quite a few NPCs with the PCs. I don't know if there's a plan for one or more of them, but I bet it'd be permissible for you to take control of one of them and later replace it with someone you're more directly invested in.

What are you in the mood for?


I'd start with just one game. I haven't checked out the games that are currently in progress, but I could pick up a premade NPC or start in a new game or 3.5 short adventure if there are enough interested players.
Either would work.
Also, I'm not familiar with 5th Ed.but like I said, I can figure it out...