Hey Guys! Darker's a DOCTOR!

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Hey Guys! Darker's a DOCTOR!

Dude just successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations to this guy!

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Awesome, Congrats!!

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Of course he did! It's because he's awesome.

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Congratulations! Being married to a PhD I do have a sense of how much work that is. I'm sorry this isn't a time where we can take you out to drinks to celebrate properly. I will owe you.


Thank you! I will admit that defending during this time felt a little flat (especially over a video conference) but am I glad its mostly over. And remember, Fixxer, don't show me that, I'm not that kind of doctor.

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Congrats. What kind of doctor are you, then?


Of Psychology. But I'm not that kind of psychologist either.

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Congrats! Just think of all the free time you’ll have for gaming now!