Happy Birthday, MinusInnocence

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Happy Birthday, MinusInnocence

He's a year older today! Say something disturbing to let him know you care!

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Do you want my seed, too?

I also just had a birthday (4/22). Taurus for the win! How old are you turning? I just turned 38.

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Brett, Cassiel just got an influx of XP from that birfday. I don't know if you saw the shout out or not in the Bday threads.

Not to take away from Mike. Maybe I can fill up a liter jar halfway and send it to you, you can fill up the other half and send it to him? I'm assuming Fixxx will send his own full liter.

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3 of them. One of blood, one of piss and one of my holy, holy seed.

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Thanks, guys! This was sweet. 33 for me, Brett.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats." - H.L. Mencken