Being Sick Sucks

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Being Sick Sucks

I've been sick for 2 1/2 weeks. It started on a Tuesday night innocuously enough - I felt fine all day but in the evening I got a cough seemingly out of nowhere. My sinuses never seemed stuffy, but I was definitely getting some drainage. I tried some over the counter cold remedies and went into the weekend. Unfortunately, I went on vacation at that point - to Savannah Georgia. Even though I knew I needed to go to a doctor, it wasn't so bad that I was willing to deal with 'out of network' and things like that (but I probably should have). So first thing Thursday morning I went to my doctor's office and saw the nurse practitioner. I was diagnosed with a severe ear infection. My ears hadn't hurt, or anything, but it seemed to make sense. There was definitely something draining from the back of my throat and it didn't seem to be my nose. I started an antibiotic on Thursday. On Monday I was back in the doctor's office letting them know that not only did I not improve - I had gotten worse. I couldn't sleep and I was going crazy. And on Sunday I completely lost my hearing.

They gave me a Z-Pack. It's a series of six pills; you take 1 on the first day and 1 on each of the second through fifth days. On Monday, it really seemed to be making a difference. I could imagine getting better for sure. But then it stalled. Monday night my hearing went away again and it hasn't been back. I can hear, but it's like cotton in my ears. If we were talking face to face, I could only hear you if you look straight at me when we talk. The moment you turn your head to the side I can't hear a damn thing.

So I'm going to an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist today. I'm really hoping that they'll get me able to hear before I even leave their office. That would be a big step in the right direction.

Whatever I have, it looks like it's probably resistant to antibiotics, so I hope that they have something to kill this bug, too. Hopefully without me dying, as well. I'm so looking forward to crawling into the weekend.

Being sick sucks!

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I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with it. Did you finish the course of antibiotics?

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I hope you feel better soon.

Wæs se grimma gæst Grendel haten,
mære mearcstapa, se þe moras heold

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Thanks. I was switched from one antibiotic to a more powerful one - that was completed today. I'm almost certainly going to get another prescription before I leave. Right now they've done some testing and are waiting for my insurance to approve medical treatment. They want to do a CAT scan of my head - then, if it comes out as they expect, they'll put tubes in my ears.

I've never had that - not even as a kid - and I haven't been ptone to ear infections. But I need to hear and feel better. I'll take tubes because I've been tempted to see ehat I can do for myself with an ice pick.

I'm pretty sure the doctor's plan is better.

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Yes, do that instead of the ice pick.

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Dude, that sucks. I have been there before. I certainly feel your pain and hope it all works out.

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It's not all bad. I mean it is MOSTLY bad, but I can whistle out of my ear now.