XP and Rewards

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XP and Rewards

25 Urthan, 973 IR
Play begins.

Starting Total XP: 6,000

27 Urthan, 973 IR
The party, en route to the general vicinity of the dragon's lair, comes upon a wild boar. They slay it without casualties.

Combat Encounter, CR 2
100 XP awarded to each PC.

Current Total XP: 6,100

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28 Urthan, 973 IR
The PCs discover Vumrot's lair. After losing a number of Gorx's spirit allies to ill-advised scouting efforts, they send Fanax in to reconnoiter, and there is an abortive negotiation, after which the PCs decide to try to smoke Vumrot out.

Skill Challenge, EL 6
Partial success.
200 XP awarded to each PC. Gorx expends a charge of produce flame.

Grimvaalk goes out foraging for food, and encounters a sounder of wild pigs. He manages to chase down and kill one of them.

Combat Encounter, EL 1
75 XP to Grimvaalk. Grimvaalk expends 6 arrows.

In the middle of the night, Vumrot attempts to escape his lair. Combat ensues, and in the end he is slain.

Combat Encounter, EL 6
400 XP awarded to each PC. Grimvaalk expends 5 arrows. Gorx expends a charge of produce flame. Grimvaalk expends 3 charges cure light wounds.

Treasure: 50,000 cp, 509 gp, blue gemstone, potion, oil, 3 scrolls.

Current Total XP
6,775 (Grimvaalk)
6,700 XP (Everyone Else)

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