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Anyone else chiming in on fire/no fire?

The general rule is that fire keeps away predators that aren't intelligent, but the light and smoke may draw predators that are.

Wæs se grimma gæst Grendel haten,
mære mearcstapa, se þe moras heold

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Zathrus doesn't care if we have a fire through the night, but if the choice is between a hot meal or a cold, then he'll choose the hot meal, even if we put the fire out before turning in.

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Okay, then. Below is a map of what I THINK your camp probably will look like, unless Zathrus actually plans to pitch his tent (he doesn't need it for shelter, but it does provide a modicum of privacy). I'm proceeding from the assumption that you're going to have a fire for long enough to enjoy a hot meal, and then put it out thoroughly once you're ready to turn in for the night, so I haven't bothered with locating it on the map or plotting its illumination pattern.

If something looks wrong or isn't clear, please chime in.

The cutout in shading reflects your party's joint field of vision when everyone is awake. The phase of the moon's not quite at waxing half, so your night vision is restricted to the span of your darkvision.

Watches are as follows:
1800 to 2100 hours -- Yonah and Zathrus
2100 to 2400 hours -- Grimvaalk and Fanax
2400 to 0300 hours -- Oni
0300 to 0600 hours -- Gorx

I'd like to know, in broad terms, how each PC is going to behave during his time on watch, in terms of whether and where he'll patrol, whether he'll hide somewhere and keep watch from concealment, or whatever else he might plan to do with his time besides stare anxiously into the night.

Please go ahead and roll Listen and Spot.

Wæs se grimma gæst Grendel haten,
mære mearcstapa, se þe moras heold

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Zathrus wants his tent pitched, but isn't willing to do it himself tonight. On his time on watch, he'll do his job diligently enough and try to stick somewhat near Yonah for the duration. While not on watch, he'll want to bunk down somewhere with a modicum of concealment, so long as it's not brambles or something. Tall grass or the like would be ideal.

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Oni will spend his watch walking from the center of the circle where everyone is sleeping and where the animals are spending the night. A wider perimeter sweep would probably require picking out a path between sleeping bodies or splashing around in the water, either of which would likely wake people up before it's their turn to stay awake.

He isn't a trained soldier or anything so we're not looking at any elaborate attempts to break up his routine or foil would-be ambushers. He's just trying not to get ganked and doesn't want to wander too far from the group so he can call for help ASAP.

Listen, Spot
I rolled 1d20+6, the result is 3, 6 = 9.
I rolled 1d20+6, the result is 8, 6 = 14.
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Fanax will primarily stick to the area between the sleeping party and the animals. However, he will occasionally walk around dependent upon what Grim does.

+2 to roll vs Humans
I rolled 1d20+3, the result is 1, 3 = 4.
I rolled 1d20+3, the result is 3, 3 = 6.

Grim will suggest that he and Fanax take turns patrolling the perimeter of the camp while the other watch goblin keeps an eye on the camp and their partner.

Grim spot and listen; Trolk spot and listen.
I rolled 1d20+7, the result is 14, 7 = 21.
I rolled 1d20+7, the result is 18, 7 = 25.
I rolled 1d20+3, the result is 17, 3 = 20.
I rolled 1d20+3, the result is 9, 3 = 12.
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Gorx is going to summon some water and some air elementals to help him keep watch. He's generally going to stay still in a single place and let the elementals patrol around the camp.

Listen, Spot
I rolled 1d20+9, the result is 9, 9 = 18.
I rolled 1d20+9, the result is 3, 9 = 12.
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Yonah will circle the perimeter of the camp on his watch, close enough that no matter where he is he can still see the center of the camp. When it's time to sleep, he'll bed down in the tallest grass he can find.