Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

The Great Horde


Adsila - Mother of Oni Unetsi. Head of a strongly matriarchal bugbear hearth.
Pradha - Former caravan guard, now an elder of the bugbear component of the Great Horde. An expert with the warhammer. As close to a leader as the bugbears have.


Ganbataar - Warrior and wizard. Chieftain of the Takit tribe. De facto leader of the goblin component of the Great Horde. A friend and ally of the Ikirait tribe.
Hulugu - Air goblin shaman of the Ikirait tribe. Great-Uncle to Gorx and Grimvaalk. Great-Great-Uncle to Fanax. A man of affairs.
Nokai - A wealthy matriarch, eldest of a large family of metalsmiths and woodworkers. Chieftain of the Ikirait tribe. Greedy, but an inveterate hater of the pinkskins.


Lwazi the Skin-Changer - Kachaka, Chief-of-Chiefs, over the hobgoblins. Ruler by acclamation over the Shinga tribe, and by conquest and marriage over five others. A druid of note, purportedly favored by Langa, the Sun God.


Agu'u - Companion and mount to Ganbataar.
Hukru - Companion and mount to Hulugu.