Experience and Loot

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Experience and Loot

3/10/17 - Party comes across the body of deceased provost Bonal Geldem. Party is attacked and defeats female warforged on Sharn skybridge. 60XP to each party member

-- On the body of Bonal - Satchel containing various quills, inks, six sheets of Karrnathi paper, apple, and Bonal's journal. 10 silver and 2 gold pieces. 

4/13/17 - Party comes to the agreement with Lady Elaydren to seek out a Cannith schema located somewhere in the Dorasharn Tower. Vicks has some doubts about the Lady but, at least on the surface. Dookie doesn't see any issues, or at least hasn't voiced any objections, and has shown to be the primary negotiator in this deal. The entire group has been made aware that the Lord of Blades is apparently interested in the schema as well. Each member of the party has varying degrees of knowledge about the rogue warforged. 

-- The Deal - Agreeing to recover the schema, the Lady pays out 250 gold for the party to spend on supplies and tells them that she can be located at the Broken Anvil where the agreement was arranged. They are also given a map that should help in locating the general area of where the schema is suspected to be. The journal is returned to the group and it is believed it will open any door that gets in the party's way. 

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