Any one interested?

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Any one interested?

I've been wanting to run some type of combat game - like tactical combat where one player controls several units.... Most likely military units, naval ships, or starships.... leaning toward starships though because I've got a cool rule set I want to try out, so it would be more fleet to fleet combat. However, I'm willing to mod it for medieval naval battle as well. Or I could run it as a tactical military game with units..

Could be PvP, most likely start as Players vs DM though to get the PbP sorted out.

So anyone interested? And if so, what would you be interested in playing? With little RP needed, turns could go quick, so I'd expect someone that could post at about every day... So takers? Would more than likely get setup through the holidays and start in January once our holiday lull gets out of the way.

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Can you give us a basic rundown of what the system is like? I'm generally up for strategy games of any kind, but I'm not certain I want to commit myself to learning a whole new system right now if it's not very simple.


Its simple enough and to start with I plan on having pre built ships with similar stats based off of function, so the start wouldn't be very complicated. Some is very similar to the d20 system.

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Mark me down as tentatively interested.

I'm curious, if you're going with starships, and assuming there's a map involved, how do you plan to represent the Z axis?


For simplicity, I don't. Its more of a tactical game than a realistic simulation.

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As a basic run down: Ship base stats are based on the hull type, which is based on their relative size.

The game is played on a hex grid, ships normally move anywhere from 2 to 6 hexes (bigger ships move slower). Each ship has a hull value (which is generally between 2 and 10, instead of d20's 400 HP) and attacks have set damage (usually between 1-5, depending on size and weapon type). Attacks are d20 based, so big ships are easier to hit and don't hit smaller ships as well.

Instead of just moving and acting for each and every ship, each player has a pool of command points they can use to activate a ship (and then they can take a move and standard action) or use special abilities.

For the sake of simplicity, all ships are pregen and standard for the first run, but ships normally can be customized with weapons and other systems, can be heavy, light, or standard, and can gain crew experience so that they gain expert officers that grant the ship bonuses (ship with Expert Navigator gains +1 move).

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I guess the rationale for bigger ships moving slower in a single round than smaller ships is that they aren't using their full thrust during combat? My suggestion would have been for them to have a higher base speed but be far less maneuverable, as already reflected in the smaller ships being harder to hit (it's not just a smaller target, it's also easier to have a dogfight in a fighter jet than it is in a 747).

But I guess on the tactical level in the context of a single battle, ship speed means something else.


The bigger the hull, the less maneuverable and easier to hit (low AC), AND the slower they move - more mass means more power needed and since mass increases at more than just a x2 rate when you are moving to the next larger hull, it means even if power increases (larger power plants) between hull sizes, the larger hull will still be slower. It also has to do with the ships role... for the most part, the battleships either lumber toward the enemy or just sit in defense and blows the hell out of whatever comes toward them. Smaller ships (frigates, destroyers) usually serve as escorts with faster tracking weapons, point defense, etc to take out small threats (like fighters) while the battleships and cruisers deal damage to larger ships.

Now, within the options of the system, there's ways to modify a ships role... for example, you can take the largest ship (battleship), add an additional power plant, take the "light" version (half armor, +1 speed), and get an expert crew (Expert Navigator gains) and now you have a Battleship that moves very fast (5 vs. normal movement of 2).


Here's what a ships stat block would look like:


Standard Green Battleship

Command 5, Move 2, Hull 10, Shield 5

Equipped: Gun Batteries x2, Point Defense System, Shield Generator, ECM System, Marine Quarters

Primary Weapon

Gun Battery: Attack +2, Range 4, Attacks 1, Damage 5

Secondary Weapon

Gun Battery: Attack +2, Range 4, Attacks 1, Damage 5

Point Defense System: Attack +4, Range 2, Attacks 1, Damage 2, Reflexes