Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

Aboard the Doomsayer

Inquisitor Carmillus
Tall and blade-thin with pearly complexion and white hair she looks both athletic and improbably young. Unlike many others of her rank and status she seems friendly, cordial and easily approached, yet she always seems to keep her distance and will never really reveal anything personal about herself. She has clearly had extensive experience with starships but her unnaturally strong and agile physique will also betray the fact that she has received the best biochemical and genetic therapies available to mankind. If one gets to observe her in combat (and live to tell the tale) her extensive and dedicated formal combat training will be apparent. Her voice is silken honey at one moment and unyielding steel the next as she desires. She will not, under any circumstances, allow herself to be perceived as anything other than what she is: a warrior savant in the service of the Emperor of Mankind. She is undaunted by the super-human killers whose company her duty now bids her keep, and she will brook no challenges to her authority, in particular by other Inquisitors, although she is ever-conscious of its limitations. While possessing a warlike temperament, she is also highly intelligent and subtle. These traits make her an ideal emissary of the Inquisition to the domain of the Deathwatch and well-equipped to deal with its Adeptus Astartes masters

Watch Captain Leonarus Angellion
Watch Captain Angellion, previously of the Blood Angels, is a veteran of multiple vigil within the Deathwatch and is the Watch Captain currently assigned to your Kill Team. Standing over 8'6" when fully armored, he is as imposing through his might as he is with his apparent perfection in all things. He has eyes of the most vibrant blue and golden hair reminiscient of his Primarch that he wears long pulled back into various knots and braids behind his head. His pale skin hugs a chiseled jaw line and angular features and he is as close to looking like an Angel as the namesake of his Chapter hints.

He outfits himself in a prized piece of meticulously maintained Mk. 4 'Maximus' Artificer Power Armor. Black as night with a Silver electro-grafted left arm, couter and shoulder Pauldron, the armor is adorned with onyx and silver inlays. Each one took untold hours to set perfectly and tells its own story, all adding to the story of the grand mural. A large ruby in the shape of a drop of blood sits in the middle of his chest. On his right Shoulder Pauldron, underneath the Red and Gold sigil of his Home Chapter are various honors and purity seals. Above his heart is the Iron Halo honors, given only to Marines who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, proving themselves physically and mentally hundreds of times over. Rising out of the back of his armor behind his neck collar is an actual Iron Halo. When activated, it hums and provides the Watch Captain with a nigh impenetrable force field.

On his hips two identical Power Swords are sheathed. It is said that he often goes into battle with only these swords and a Jump Pack, but if the situation calls for it he will equip a masterwork Plasma Pistol and multiple various grenades.

From what you have experienced so far, Captain Angellion is to the point and a no-nonsense individual; however, he did make a few attempts at humor and you feel that there is more to him than simply giving orders and hoping you complete them. He has an approachable air to him and if his physical appearance is any indicator, you would wager he takes pride in his team and keeps them as meticulously honed as his weapons and armor.

Navigator Gillar Ambrous
Navigator Gillar Ambrous is a Master Navigator of the old bloodlines and he looks the part. The tall, gaunt, grey skinned man with webbed hands can hardly be mistaken for anything else. His formal naval dress, hooded cloak, darkened goggles and heavy Navigator's staff round out the picture. His demeanor is calm, calculated and cold-blooded. Outside his navigating duties he is something of an artist, dedicating his free hours to reading poetry from his own personal collection and that found in the archives aboard the Doomsayer, and playing a piano (which he does very well). He might look a bit sullen, but he has very few secrets and is quite open about himself if one bothers to ask.

Frater Astrotechnicus Mikail Crowvitz, Raven Guard Techmarine
Mikail is slightly shorter than average Marine. His white skin and raven black hair mark him unmistakably as a member of Raven Guard Chapter. The myriad of grey tattoos covering most of his skin are actually highly sophisticated form of electrical interface weaved into his carapace allowing him to communicate with machine spirits almost instantly. Along his spine is a tubular shell made of armored adamantine, titanium and ceramite housing an extremely heavy-duty power-source.
Together with the electro-interface tattoos he is able to use the power source to remotely power many typical STC constructs. Although fully trained in the rituals of maintenance and repair the talents of the Frater Astrotechnicus lies not in maintaining the machines, but in communicating with their spirits to extract and analyze all sorts of information. Within the Deathwatch and aboard the Doomsayer in particular his role is to gather and analyze intelligence on Xenos tactics and data-mine the heretical machine spirits of Xenos artifacts to ascertain important information that could potentially exploit Xenos enemies.

Mikail's power armor looks worn on the surface. Its systems, however, are in pristine condition and its Machine Spirit is practically an extension of Mikail's own mind. The armor is painted in the rust red color of Adeptus Mechanicus with Raven Guard insignia on the Right Shoulder Pauldron. He carries a bolt pistol and a power axe adorned with Mechanicus symbols. Mikail is known to be an especially fast and accurate shot with his bolt pistol when the need arises.

Interrogator Carmen Merinae
Carmen Merinae is an Adepta Sororitas hailing originally from Order Hospitallers of Sacred Flame. Her duty nowadays is, however, not one of a medicae or compassion necessarily, but that of an Interrogator in the service of Inquisitor Carmillus of the Ordo Xenos. Although she is experienced, well trained and extremely fit and healthy due to chemical treatments and genetherapies she is still only a human. However, as far as humans go, she is something of a miracle. Fluent in a dozen languages and several dozen different cultural anthropologics she is able to befriend almost anyone (or, as you could suspect of one in Ordo Xenos, anything) in seconds and make them talk in minutes. Between her genuine smile and her ability to warm a room, she is a sweet an lovable creature all in all.

As Inquisitor Carmillus' retinue go she is something of a wild girl, getting herself mixed up in dangerous liaisons, extremely suspect intimate relationships and generally all sorts of socially and politically incorrect mayhem. Such is the need of her natural talents that Carmillus almost invariably forgives and absolves her, and is always ready to send a Kill Team of heavily armed Astartes to save her from trouble if need be.

Arbitor Generus Herreu
Arbitor Generus Herreu is one of the most talented and experienced investigators within the Imperium and his deductive logic and investigative skills are almost legendary in the Ixotl Sector where he was born and operated for most of his career. After being recruited into Ordo Xenos he has, together with the wild progeny-Interrogator Carmen Merinae, been responsible for uncovering and ending half-a-dozen Xenos infiltrations into highest echelons of planetary governments and sub-sector offices of Administratum. In his work as an investigator Arbito Herreu is both methodical and logical but not afraid to listen to his intuition to jump a few steps ahead in the line, covering up the missing pieces of the investigative chain later. This curious combination of raw intelligence and imagination has worked wonders in his case and, for his honor, it has to be said that his intuition is rarely wrong. Privately, Generus Herreu is an introvert and a conoisseur of high culture, spending endless hours delving into literature, classical music and wonders of paintings and sculptures. He can often be found in one of the more reclusive areas of the Brass Palace, enjoying a rare wine and admiring the various works of art by himself.

His exact relationship with his close accomplice Carmen Merinae is based on mutual respect and understanding with the older Generus Herreu treating Carmen Merinae as something of a younger sister. His relationship with Inquisitor Carmillus remains a pure mystery, sometimes seeming almost like a cold, even slightly hostile professional relationship. Still there has never been any lack of trust between Herreu and his mistress Inquisitor.

Tall, shapely, dark-skinned with a myriad mechanical electro-input snakes for a hair and alluring, yet distrubing, looks she certainly catches eye. Electro-interface tattoos line her skin at almost every angle with a light blue glow and her shapely body is rarely, if ever, full covered. +++Further Information Restricted. Inquisitor Level Clearance Required+++

Serenity: Settlement, Alpha Ichi

Saved from the Orks by the Kill Team upon their arrival on Serenity, Deyva is a young woman in her late teens. She was found badly injured and brutalized by her Ork captors and revealed tid bits about the attack on Settlement Alpha-Ichi. Aisha spent time nursing the girl back to health and administering to her wounds. After securing her in a stocked and locked hab in the Settlement, Aisha and Gunter talked the girl out of her suicidal inclinations and left her resting as they searched for the settlers and Back Breaker in the forest. Upon returning to Alpha-Ichi, Gunter and Aisha went to check on her well-being to find alive and well, dressed and with some fight left in her yet.

Dayvon and Meoni
Husband and wife rescued during the battle at the Ork camp, Dayvon and Meoni are de-facto leaders of Alphi-Ichi who take care of everything from running church services to overseeing work in the Ag-habs and Ag-fields as well as taking care of general community well-being. Dayvon has a hard face with intense eyes and a light beard that contrasts against the beautiful features of Meoni. They are both hard workers and loyal servants of the Imperium. Initially taken back and frightened by the sight of the Astartes, Dayvon and Meoni are extremely thankful for their salvation and willing to offer whatever they can to aid the cause of the Kill Team. They are currently unaware of the location and health of their daughter, Deyva.

A gangly, lanky man in his early 30s, Brakston is almost as talkative as he is knowledgeable of the practical application of mechanics as it applies to the settlement and the tools/vehicles it houses. Seemingly incompetent, Brakston more than makes up for the mistakes he makes by maintaining Alpha-Ichi's functionality including that of the two Tauros Venators it houses. He doesn't seem too perturbed regarding the Ork attack on the settlement, instead focusing more on the mighty Astartes who came to save them - looking on in awe as an excited child might.

Keiko appears to be in her late twenties by standard methods of age verification. She has dark brown eyes that appear almost black and jet black hair that is pulled back into a ponytail. She wears the white overcoat that her station as second in command of Mining Site 0 dictates. According to her, she is the only remaining Mining Site 0 controller still living in Alpha Ichi, the others either never having returned from their stations before the Ork attack or having died during the Ork attack and subsequent captivity. She seems very intelligent and capable if not a little shaken by the day's events.


Codename: Back Breaker
A Kill-Marine of the Space Wolves Chapter, Back Breaker's true name is Logan. He was considered MIA on the planet Serenity after he went to investigate a growing Ork presence and eliminate it if possible. He is known to be aloof and prefers working alone rather than in a standard Kill Team, and calls on unorthodox contacts and reinforcements if necessary. It was revealed to the Kill Team that Rustin had been a close contact and apparent trusted friend of Back Breaker prior to the events on Serenity. Upon landing and finding evidence of an assault on Alpha-Ichi, the Kill Team pursued the Orks into the forest to find Logan prisoner inside a wooded Ork encampment. Logan made his escape during the confusion of battle and helped convince the Kill Team to ensure the protection and safety of the citizens of Alpha-Ichi. The Space Wolf dons modified Deathwatch Scout Armor and standard Astartes kit, but those with a good ability to read others would be their life he had access to far greater supplies of gear should he need it.

Watch Commander Mordigael
"Master of the Vigil" - Watch Commander Mordigael is a quick and decisive commander of men with a natural charisma bound to a terrifying skill in battle. A Blood Angel by origin, Mordigael is a paragon of the qualities and traditions of his Chapter. His features are sharp and handsome, as if cut from the pale stone statue of an Imperial saint, while his eyes burn with almost feverish intensity. He delights in the perfection of all his undertakings, from practice in the martial disciplines to the contemplation on the future implications of all things of note that bear on his sacred duty. For over five standard centuries, Mordigael has served his Emperor and his Chapter; on three occasions, he has taken up the duty of serving in the Deathwatch. One of these past terms of service was in the Jericho Reach itself. Mordigael’s current Vigil has lasted over five decades, and has seen him achieve the honour of being named Master of the Vigil a little more than a decade ago. During this time, Mordigael has seen things change within the Jericho Reach; the implications of the opening of the Warp Gate to the Calixis Sector have affected everything. The launching of the Achilus Crusade concerns him greatly, as he sees the possibility of a greater disaster being created from a war prosecuted through ignorance and arrogance. He sees the encroaching threat of the Tyranids in much the same light, quite apart from the terrible danger they represent in themselves. On more than one occasion, the Master of the Vigil has had to remind Lord Militant Tetrarchus that the Deathwatch is not beholden to the needs of his Crusade.

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