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How would I go about submitting a review? (or an article about dungeon design or some-such... not a forum post but a review like the I5 - Lost tomb of Martek review I see on the main page).
I really think that review is awesome, by the way. I'd like to commend whoever wrote it!

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Yeah, that's a badass review, no doubt about it!

In your specific case, you're an administrator of the site, so you should see a black ad gray toolbar at the top of the page when you log in. From there, click "add content." A new page will load, and you will be presented with a list of content types that you can add: Article, Basic Page, Blog Post, Book Page and Forum Post.

Obviously, you won't want to use Forum Post. If I were you, I would choose Article or Blog Post. If you choose Blog Post, it's easier for the site to associate what you write with other content you write.

So, let's say you click on Blog Post. You'll get a new screen, asking for a Title and a Body. If you know HTML or BBCode, you can just write what you want and mark it up. If you don't, there is a drop-down menu underneath the Body text area, and you can flip it to "Full HTML." This will enable a WYSIWYG editor, so you can format your text.

After you write your content, you should scroll down slightly. There is a Tags blank. If you want your content to show up in the Reviews page, write "reviews" in the blank. If you want it to show in the NPC Mega-List, under Combat, tag it with "npc" and "combat" or "npc" and "fighter" or whatever.

Anyone who is capable of creating non-forum content will be able to follow this link. The content on the other side details all of the tags used to make new content appear under the appropriate menu items for its type and topic. If you can't follow it . . . you aren't set up with the appropriate permission set!

In a more general sense, anyone who wants to submit content should ask Fixxxer if he's cool with granting the appropriate permission set (because it's Fixxxer's site). If he says it is kosher, you'll then be given the appropriate permission set, and you'll be able to see some otherwise hidden forums that provide instructions and help.

And finally: if you browse the site and notice that some schmuck named "archiveadmin" is claiming to have written something you know is yours . . . speak up, and we'll rectify the problem. Archiveadmin was credited with a lot of authorship as a result of migrating to this content management system from our old system.

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