Minor change to subscription emails

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Minor change to subscription emails

Those of you who use Gmail (and any other mail service that automatically consolidates e-mail into threads based on its subject line) will find that the Archive's e-mails now behave a little differently.

Prior to this morning, the format for the subject line of subscription e-mails generated when people post to the site was "New comment on '
' by ." Example: "New comment on 'Chapter 1: Harvest (IC)' by Fixxxer." Looking at it in Gmail, at least, this meant that comments posted by Fixxxer would thread together into a conversation, but DDMW's stuff wouldn't. No bueno.

I have removed the part of the subject line that includes user name. This means that e-mail messages now thread up in Gmail so that they correspond to the forum topic, aggregating all activity for a day into a single e-mail thread.

If this change makes you happy, thank Arkenian for being a whiny bitch, because I did it to shut him up.