How does the "New Posts" feature work?

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How does the "New Posts" feature work?

Each time I try to click on the note that says there's new posts, its just taking me to the first post on the last page. Is there some trick to actually jumping to the new posts in a thread?

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So there is a bug. Try this.

When you look at the list of new posts, click on the thread, which will take you to the first post on the first page. Even though this SEEMS like it's worse than starting at the top of the most recent page, it has a major advantage.

At the top of the thread it has three links: quick reply, first unread, last post. Click 'first unread'. It'll take you to the first post since you were last there. It's been pretty reliable.

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It doesn't work properly. I've turned it off several times because of this, but people always ask me to turn it back on again because they like having a visual indicator of topics that have activity in them.

I suggest you ignore it, except insofar as it shows you that something has been added to a thread.

If there's an e-mail account that you check routinely, you may find it congenial to use the subscription feature instead. The first (and only the first) post in any thread on the forums includes a "Subscribe" button. If you're a Gmail user, these thread up nicely. It's what I rely upon.

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Thanks, I'll try those options.