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In this campaign, I follow a convention of noting the In Character date as it changes. One of the consequences of this decision is that you as players can easily look up the date to find out the season and the phases of the moon. To do that, go to: https://donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/calendar/.

Once you're there, choose the tab that says "Save/Restore" and paste in the following block of text:

{"year_len":384,"events":0,"n_months":12,"months":["Immeril (Winter)","Sim (Winter)","Grim (Winter)","Aren (Spring)","Imogen (Spring)","Verdil (Spring)","Cabil (Summer)","Wilt (Summer)","Urthan (Summer)","Athol (Autumn)","Germ (Autumn)","Variel (Autumn)"],"month_len":{"Immeril (Winter)":32,"Sim (Winter)":32,"Grim (Winter)":32,"Aren (Spring)":32,"Imogen (Spring)":32,"Verdil (Spring)":32,"Cabil (Summer)":32,"Wilt (Summer)":32,"Urthan (Summer)":32,"Athol (Autumn)":32,"Germ (Autumn)":32,"Variel (Autumn)":32},"week_len":8,"weekdays":["-","-","-","-","-","-","-","-"],"n_moons":1,"moons":["Derena"],"lunar_cyc":{"Derena":30},"lunar_shf":{"Derena":20},"year":973,"first_day":0,"notes":{}}

This will set up a calendar for Tolrea. Once you do this, switch to the tab for "Calendar." By default, the year is set to 973, which is the current In Character year as of this writing. If you use the << or >> buttons next to the year, it will advance or set back the year shown in the calendar. In so doing, you will see where the lunar cycle falls on a given date, which is useful not only for knowing when and if a lycanthrope will change forms, but also as a way to predict how much light will be available to you during the night. As a general rule, on a clear night with a half, gibbous, or full moon, characters with low-light vision can see normally. Characters without low-light vision see as if in conditions of shadowy illumination instead.