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Dramatis Personæ

The Most Honorable, The Marchioness of Zeno Belda Grimilon
Short but willowy for a human woman, with golden-blonde hair and green eyes. Her habitual clothing is in shades of rose or sea green, calculated to take advantage of her pale coloring. Her usual bearing is imperious, not a little haughty, and her face often wears a studied expression of boredom. She maintains a salon of artists, poets and other intellectuals. Much of the day-to-day business of the March of Zeno is delegated to Maeric Dorn and Wibble Dilmer. She is in her early thirties.

Maeric Dorn, Master of Horse at Grimilon Keep
A male half-orc of somewhat less than middle years, Dorn serves as the manager of Lady Belda's military affairs; the position seems also to include some responsibility in the enforcement of law and the administration of justice.

Wibble Dilmer, Court Magus at Grimilon Keep
A slim male gnome of middle age, Dilmer's accent betrays that he is not a native of Enteria. Rather, he sounds like he hails from someplace in the eastern parts of the Aureshan Empire. Despite being a foreigner, he has risen to a position of some importance in the government of the March of Zeno, where he serves as an advisor to Lady Belda. He is an arcanist of some skill, as well as a polymath in areas as diverse as naturalism, architecture, planar lore, and alchemy. Reputedly, he also deals in magical arms and curios.

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The Right Honorable The Lord Mamor, Athyen Enburn
Baron of Mamor. Vassal of Marchioness Belda Grimilon.

Amer, Tapster at the Badger's Cellar Tavern, (Barony of Mamor, Enteria)
Short, bony, and nervous-looking, Amer is a human male in his mid-thirties. He operates the only tavern in the hamlet of Mamor.

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