Dungeon Alchemist... Have you guys seen this?

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Dungeon Alchemist... Have you guys seen this?

Well, that's pretty badass.

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I've been dithering about whether to kick in on this for a little while, because I'm actually running a homebrewed megadungeon. At this point, I probably won't do it. It's not that it doesn't represent something that I definitely want and might kill to get. There are just too many question marks for me, and the demo stuff they've put onto the Kickstarter page doesn't fill them in.

I don't know if I can control the style. I don't know if I can use my own art assets. I don't know how densely it populates rooms with furnishings, or whether I can control this. I don't know if it's system-agnostic in terms of how the traps work. I don't know if it works with the specific VTT solution I use for this dungeon crawl.

I could go on; there are lots of blank spaces. It's a very tempting idea, but I just don't have answers on any of this. And these things matter to me.

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