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Arkham Horror V3

I've spent a great deal of time learning about this game over the last few weeks since I've never played, and what I see is really fun. So I was going to buy a copy for myself, however I see they just released version 3 of the game which really changes the game fairly dramatically combining some of the mechanics from Eldritch Horror, Pandemic, and the Arkham Horror card game which makes it an all new game. It seems to be a better game on initial playthroughs, but to maybe have less replayability than version 2 (Which we're playing) does.

Do any of you have experience with the new version and what are your thoughts? It's 45 dollars right now. In some ways it's a much better game as the mechanics are a bit streamlined, it adds a story that unfolds as you play (Which removes some of the replayability), and it only takes a bit less than 2 hours on a normal playthrough compared to the much longer time a normal game of Arkham takes.

Just curious if anyone here had played it and had thoughts on it, or whether I should try and find a used copy of this version for my own use? (Not that I ever have anybody to play with anymore, but in the off chance I find board game friends again, I'd have it).

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I played it once. From the perspective of someone who wanted to play a more casual game, it's certainly got v2 (the one we're playing) beat. The biggest complaint people had about v2 was that as you started adding in expansions, the rules got monumentally clunky and hard to remember for anyone who didn't want to put an abnormal amount of effort into learning. It's a valid complaint. v3 took more from Eldrich Horror than it did from v2 and made a game that's much easier to play and doesn't take as long.

I found two glaring negatives to v3. The board is made up of tiles that effectively move around from round to round. That feels like a needless thing that was added to a game that otherwise had no replayability to keep people playing. The other problem I had is that it just plain doesn't have the same feel. I admit that I'm likely very biased. Up to this point, we've had a surprisingly and remarkably positive play in our game of v2. I expect that's going to change, and suddenly. v2 is really good at fucking you over and keeping its thumb on you, making sure the oppression never lets up. Someone who wants a lighthearted game won't appreciate that, but I feel that it's very much in keeping with the subject matter, and it makes for a very potent feeling of accomplishment when you actually manage to win. I found that feeling very lacking in v3.