Chapter 3: Best Part of Waking Up (OOC)

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Yes, it should be a good idea.

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Skunk thinks we are.


Mandy has been outvoted, done deal.

Moving back to game, Mandy was reviewing the plan to make sure we were all on the same page. If we're not going to do that, he'll summon a spirit to get advice on how to hire someone to do a "job".

I've already rolled once for Summon Spirits, if I have to do it again let me know.

Afterwards, he'll head for the Sloop of War, with Sig for some recruiting, they can drop the money off at the forge on the way.

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Okay, last question.

Mandy put this the table in the In Character thread, and it's a very good question.

How are you using the dupes?

Options were: 1) let them distract the guards, and sneak in while that was happening, 2) make a rear attack on the guards after they draw attention, or 3) let them lose to the guards, then make a second attempt that will be more likely to succeed because the guards are careless and don't expect a second attempt?

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Originally, I assumed it would be something like option 1, but that has significant problems. It might let us get past the guards, but then after we deal with the barghast, we still have to deal with them again on our way out. As a result, I think option 2 is best. Get our suckers to try the gate, wait until the guards bunch up on them and then hit them with sleep spells and non-lethal grenade weapons until they're incapacitated enough that we can hog-tie them, hide them and go about our business.


Works for me.

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The mental image of Malachi making that initial pitch amuses the hell out of me.