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Map Reference

- Large City
- Small Town
⚫ - Hamlet

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1 - Satrap's Palace (Government)
2 - Vellum Quarter (Arcane, Scholars, Shops)
3 - Foreigners' Gate (Hostels, Red Light, Shops)
4 - Central Square (Government, Shops, Temple)
5 - Perfumed Quarter (Red Light, Shops)
6 - White Stone (Residential, Shops)
7 - The Twigs (Slum)

❇ - Satrap's Prison
♜ - Shrine to Agon
⚵ - Temple to Merthia
☀ - Temple to Oceus
✶ - Urban Senate
★ - The Golden Cup
☆ - The Giggling Goblin

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Getting Around in Floresta

Floresta consists of a total of seven neighborhoods, of which only four lie within the compass of its walls. Traffic originating in the extramural neighborhoods of Foreigners' Gate, the Vellum Quarter, and the Twigs must pass through a gate in the walls to enter the central city. Additionally, the Satrap's Palace district has its own wall that segregates it from the other three neighborhoods of the interior.

The streets of Central Square, White Stone, The Perfumed Quarter, and The Vellum Quarter are relatively wide and straight, with well-maintained cobblestone surfaces. These districts have main thoroughfares that are twenty-five feet wide, with sidewalks on either side. Side streets in these districts are paved with cobblestones in good condition, ten to twenty-five feet wide, and usually are also straight. Alleyways are five to ten feet wide, floored with dirt or poorly maintained cobblestones.

Main thoroughfares are well lit with continual flame lanterns at the top of iron posts, spaced approximately 60 feet apart. Side streets usually are not lit.

Foreigners' Gate has a single thoroughfare, leading from the bridgehead across the Ilog River to the gate in the city's wall. This is of similar dimensions to the main streets in the other districts. Elsewhere, its crooked streets are ten to twenty-five feet wide, and are unpaved. Streets wider than ten feet are heavily rutted. Alleyways are five to ten feet wide, floored with dirt. The main thoroughfare is lit at night with oil lanterns strung from cables across the street at 60-foot. intervals. Side streets are unlit.

The Twigs is a shantytown of sorts, with "streets" that are five to fifteen feet wide, and unpaved. There are numerous alleyways five to ten feet wide, floored with dirt. There is no lighting in the Twigs, other than what people carry with them.

The Satrap's Palace is kept well-lit at night, and its "streets" are broad and free of obstructions to movement and vision, except where they deliberately narrow to form choke points, such as in places where the Satrap's Guard keeps watch for intruders.

In general, the following districts are crowded during the following hours:

0800 to 1600 -- Central Square, Foreigners' Gate, The Vellum Quarter
1600 to 2400 -- Foreigners' Gate, the Perfumed Quarter, The Vellum Quarter, The Twigs

From the hours of 0000 to 0800, none of the districts are crowded.

The gates of Floresta lead from the city interior to Foreigners' Gate, the Vellum Quarter, and the Imperial Highway toward Auresh, and from the Satrap's Palace district into the city proper. All four of the city's gates are open from sunrise to sunset. After sunset, they are closed; the gates at Foreigners' Gate and Satrap's Palace remain open to urgent business—government officials and military traffic, for the most part, along with anyone else who can talk or bribe a guard detail into agreeing that their entry or exit from the city cannot wait for its scheduled opening.

The Satrap's Guard works in three shifts; one is on duty and the other resting in barracks at any given time. In addition to overseeing the city gates, the duty shift patrols in pairs or small groups throughout the city's streets.

In the event of civil unrest, war, or some other disturbance, the patterns of traffic and gate control described above may alter considerably.

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