Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

Voitto Hamalainen, Publican at the Giggling Goblin [male half-elf]

Sharp-witted, perceptive, and almost unbearably crass, Voitto routinely takes all the stereotypes about diplomatic, personable half-elves who go along to get along and stands them on their heads—he seldom makes it through a conversation without uttering some anatomically improbable obscenity, usually directed at whoever has been so unwise as to pester him by trying to order food and drink.

Despite being objectively awful at his job, the half-elf remains behind the bar at the Goblin because, despite the slow service, warm, sour beer, and foul language, people seem to like him. Voitto usually seems to have his ear to the ground regarding news in Floresta, whether it's a matter of which brothel has the cleanest prostitutes or what's going on the agenda at the next meeting of the Urban Senate, and patrons are more likely to roar with laughter than to try to knife the fellow when he waxes eloquent about their mothers, sisters, and favorite livestock.

Voitto is thin, verging on emaciation, although he usually dresses in loose-fitting garments that hide his slim physique. He typically punctuates his verbal barbs with a cloud of bitter fumes from the long white clay pipe he habitually smokes. The implement is clearly as much a prop as it is an aid to his habit; he often flourishes or jabs it into the air to drive home a particularly offensive remark, or spins it idly between his fingers.

At present, Voitto has been nominated as your handler for the Argent Cyma—he's the person who sends you out on errands on the society's behalf, and the one to whom you deliver your reports on finished jobs.